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Blade Magic

As mages are skilled with their spells, fighters are skilled with their blades. On occasion there presents those few who have the skill to focus and channel mana but choose not to use it for spells but for their martial skill instead.  These are Blade Magics.  Extraordinary abilities that channel mana into amazing martial maneuvers and stances.  The utilization of Blade Magic is taught at very specialized Martial Adept Academies found around Golarian. There are 3 classes that specialize in utilizing Blade Magic. The Crusader, Swordsage, and Warblade.  These are known as the Martial Adept Classes.

Initiator Level

Some maneuvers and stances have variable effects (such as duration) that depend on initiator level. However, maneuvers are not impacted as strongly by a user’s level as spells are. This difference in effect is primarily a balance and game play issue. Since you can use maneuvers repeatedly, they tend to scale poorly. As you attain higher levels, you usually use your low-level maneuvers less often (if you haven’t already traded them out for higher-level stances however many stances, boosts, and counters remain useful across all levels. Initiator level  refers to character's level in the class that provides access to martial maneuvers. The word "level" in the maneuver lists always refers to initiator level.

If you are a Crusader, Swordsage, or Warblade  your initiator level equals your class level. Otherwise your initiator level is equal to 1/2 your character level.

Selecting Martial Maneuvers:
Much like spells, martial maneuvers are organized by level. Higher-level maneuvers are more powerful than lower level ones. As you gain levels, you have the option to select higher-level maneuvers. Your Initiator Level determines the highest-level maneuvers you can select. For example, a 5th-level warblade can select maneuvers of 3rd level or lower. 

Readying Maneuvers & Stances

Martial Adepts have all known maneuvers and stances ready.

Highest-Level Maneuver Known

 Initiator Level Maneuver Level
 1st-2nd 1st
 3rd-4th 2nd
 5th-6th 3rd
 7th-8th 4th
 9th-10th 5th
 11th-12th 6th
 13th-14th 7th
 15th-16th 8th
 17th + 9th

Discipline Access

 Discipline Crusader Swordsage Warblade
 Desert Wind No Yes No
 Devoted Spirit Yes No No
 Diamond Mind No Yes Yes
 Iron Heart No No Yes
 Setting Sun No Yes No
 Shadow Hand No Yes No
 Stone Dragon Yes Yes Yes
 Tiger Claw No Yes Yes
 White Raven Yes No Yes
 Eternal Fist Yes Yes Yes
 Iron Tortoise Yes Yes Yes
 Silver Crane Yes No No
 Riven Hourglass Yes Yes Yes
 Unbreakable Colossus Yes Yes Yes
 Black Heron No Yes No
 Eternal Glacier No  Yes Yes
 Golem Heart Yes Yes Yes
 Hero's Edge No Yes Yes
 Infinite Lotus   
 Mental Grip   
 Mystical Rain   
 Narrow Bridge   
 Army of One Yes No Yes
 Black Rain   
 Coin's Edge   
 Dancing Leaf   
 Dread Crown   
 Fool's Grip   
 Golden Saint Yes Yes No
 Oncoming Storm   
 Scarlet Bravura   
 Sleeping Goddess   
 Twin Spirit   
 Devil Tiger   
 Thrashing Dragon   
 Piercing Lance   
 Golden Lion Yes No Yes
 Crescent Moon   
 Solar Wind   
 Aerial Ace   
 Amaranth Eclipse   
 Anima River   
 Broken Blade   
 Chthonic Serpent   
 Dancing Goddess   
 Wild Moon