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Extra Granted Maneuver

You are especially devout or insightful, and you have more control over which of your martial maneuvers are currently granted than other crusaders.

Prerequisite: Crusader level 1st.

Benefit: You begin each encounter with one additional readied maneuver granted. This feat also applies when you determine a new set of granted maneuvers after recovering expended maneuvers. For example, if you are a 5th-level crusader, you normally begin an encounter or fi nish recovering expended maneuvers with two of your fi ve readied maneuvers granted, and the remaining three maneuvers withheld. With this feat, three of your fi ve readied maneuvers are granted, and only two are withheld. Naturally, this benefit provides you with a better array of maneuver options early in a battle.

Special: You can take this feat only once.