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Stormguard Warrior

The Stormguard Warrior feat encompasses a number of the more advanced tactics and techniques you would use as a student of the Iron Heart school.

Prerequisite: Proficiency with an Iron Heart preferred weapon (bastard sword, dwarven waraxe, longsword, or twobladed sword), Ironheart Aura, base attack bonus +6, two Iron Heart maneuvers.

Benefit: The Stormguard Warrior feat enables the use of three tactical options.

  • Channel the Storm: To use this option, you must choose to refrain from making one or more available attacks of opportunity against a single opponent. On your next turn, you gain a +4 bonus on attack rolls and damage rolls for each attack that you refrained from making against the same opponent. You gain this bonus only against an opponent that you refrained from making an attack of opportunity against in the previous round.
  • Combat Rhythm: To use this option, you can choose to make melee touch attacks in place of normal melee attacks against an opponent. These touch attacks deal no damage. For each melee touch attack that hits, you gain a +5 bonus on melee damage rolls against that same foe on your next turn.
  • Fight the Horde: To use this option, you must deal damage to at least two different foes on your turn with melee attacks or Iron Heart strikes. On your next turn, if you fight defensively or take a –4 penalty on your attack rolls with your Combat Expertise feat (if you have it), you gain a +2 bonus on attack rolls against any foe you damaged with a melee attack or Iron Heart strike during the previous turn.