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Multiclass Characters & Accessing Blade Magic

Even when you gain levels in a class that does not grant martial maneuvers, your understanding of the martial disciplines still increases. A highly skilled fighter has the basic combat training and experience needed to master advanced maneuvers. If you are a multi class with a Blade Magic class, and you learn a new maneuver by attaining a new level in a Blade Magic class, determine your initiator level by adding together your level in that class + 1/2 your levels in all other classes. Look up the result on the Initiator Level Table to determine the highest-level maneuvers you can take. You still have to meet a maneuver’s prerequisite to learn it.

For example, a 7th-level Crusader/5th-level swordsage has an initiator level of 9th for determining the highest level maneuvers he can take as a crusader. As a result, he can take 5th-level crusader maneuvers. As a swordsage, his initiator level is 8th, allowing him to take 4th-level swordsage maneuvers.

This process applies to all of a character’s levels, whether they are in Blade Magic classes or other classes.

Blade Magic is open to almost all classes.  However they are limited to the disciplines and levels they can take.  In order to access a discipline of Blade Magic the class must be allowed access to the discipline.  Consult the chart below to determine which classes have access to which discipline and that classes level limit.  

You must take the Blade Magic Study feat to begin to access the chosen discipline and give access to a maneuver however you must also take Blade Magic Stance to gain access to the stances of the discipline.  You are able to access additional disciplines each time you take the Martial Study Feat. You must meet any perquisites of the Maneuvers or Stances taken. 

For perquisite purposes 1/2 class level = initiator level.  To determine how many maneuvers or stances are known use the calculations below.  Lower level maneuvers and stances can be replaced with higher level ones when you gain access to them.  You can not exceed your maneuver or stances known. 

To determine Other Class Maneuvers & Stances

BAB + Main Class Attribute Mod divided by 3 = Maneuvers Known 

BAB + Main Class Attribute Mod divided by 6 = Stances Known

Multiclass & Base Class Access: Blade Magic