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Diamond Heart

Skills:  Autohypnosis 1 rank, Concentration 8 ranks, Knowledge: Psionics 8 ranks
Martial Maneuvers:  You must know at least 1 martial counter (that is, at least 1 immediate action maneuver).
Martial Stances:  You must know at least 1 martial stance.
Manifesting:  Manifester level 1st.  You must also know at least 1 psionic power of level 1 or higher.

The Diamond Heart: d6

Level BAB  Fort Ref Will Known Ready Stance Special              Manifesting

1     +1   +2   +0  +0   1     0     0      Psionic Aggression   -
2     +2   +3   +0  +0   0     0     0      Diamond Heart        +1 Manifesting Class Level
3     +3   +3   +1  +1   1     1     0      -                    +1 Manifesting Class Level
4     +4   +4   +1  +1   0     0     0      Posture of Mental    +1 Manifesting Class Level
5     +5   +4   +1  +1   1     0     1      Counter Focus        +1 Manifesting Class Level
6     +6   +5   +2  +2   0     1     0      Focused Synapse      -
7     +7   +5   +2  +2   1     0     0      -                    +1 Manifesting Class Level
8     +8   +6   +2  +2   0     0     0      Posture of Eternal   +1 Manifesting Class Level
9     +9   +6   +3  +3   1     1     0      -                    +1 Manifesting Class Level
10    +10  +7   +3  +3   0     0     1      Counter Strike       +1 Manifesting Class Level
11    +11  +7   +3  +3   1     0     0      -                    +1 Manifesting Class Level
12    +12  +8   +4  +4   0     1     0      Posture of           +1 Manifesting Class Level
13    +13  +8   +4  +4   1     0     0      Bonus Feat           +1 Manifesting Class Level
14    +14  +9   +4  +4   0     0     0      Expanded Repertoire  +1 Manifesting Class Level
15    +15  +10  +5  +5   1     1     1      Posture Synergy      +1 Manifesting Class Level

Class Skills (4 + INT modifier per level): Autohypnosis, Balance, Climb, Concentration, Craft, Diplomacy, Intimidate, Jump, Knowledge: All (each skill taken individually), Martial Lore, Profession, Psicraft, Ride, Sense Motive, Swim, Tumble

Game Rule Information
Manifesting: A Diamond Heart progresses her manifesting at every level except 1st and 6th.  When her manifesting progresses, she gains power points per day, an increased manifester level, and powers known as if she had gained a level in one of her manifesting classes.  She must decide which manifesting class gains this benefit when she gains a level of Diamond Heart that increases her manifester level.

If she has no manifesting class to which to apply this manifester level progression, it has no effect.

Initiator Level: A Diamond Heart adds her full Diamond Heart level to her initiator level.

Maneuvers: At every odd level, a Diamond Heart gains knowledge of one maneuver from the Diamond Mind or Iron Heart disciplines.  She must meet all prerequisites for each maneuver before learning it.

At levels 3, 6, 9, 12, and 15, she gains an extra maneuver readied.

Stances: At level 5, 10, and 15, a Diamond Heart gains knowledge of one stance from the Diamond Mind or Iron Heart disciplines.  She must meet all prerequisites for each stance before learning it.

Psionic Aggression (Su): Starting at level 1, a Diamond Heart may channel some of her power into her melee attacks.  As a swift action, she may spend a number of power points of no more than her manifester level.  She may use Overchannel, a Wilder's Wild Surge, or similar ability as if manifesting a power.  When she activates this ability, she gains 2 benefits:

-For the first point spent and for every 2 points thereafter, she gains +d10 damage on melee attacks until the start of her next turn.

-She also gains +4 accuracy with melee attacks until the start of her next turn if she spends at least 1 power point.  Additional power points won't modify this effect.

Diamond Heart (Ex): Starting at level 2, a Diamond Heart gains a bonus on Autohypnosis checks and Concentration checks equal to her Diamond Mind level.

Posture of Mental Clarity (Su): A Diamond Heart of at least 4th level gains the Posture of Mental Clarity.  In terms of prerequisites and dependent effects like the feat Ironheart Aura, this stance counts as being a level 5 stance from both the Diamond Mind and Iron Heart disciplines.

To gain these benefits of Posture of Mental Clarity, you must be both in this stance and psionically focused:

-Your psionic powers and psi-like abilities get +1 manifester level.

-Also, whenever you attempt a Will save (or another check instead of a Will save), you may roll twice and take either result.  You may use this ability after you know the results of the first roll, but before you know whether you had enough to succeed.

Counter Focus: Starting at level 5, when a Diamond Heart uses an immediate action maneuver and this maneuver is expended (including with her Counter Strike ability; see below), she may attempt to regain psionic focus with a DC30 Concentration check as part of initiating this counter.  Attempting to focus this way does not provoke attacks of opportunity.

Focused Synapse (Ex): Starting at Diamond Heart level 6, as part of a melee attack, you may expend your psionic focus before you know the result of your accuracy roll.  If you hit, you gain 1 temporary power point that lasts 1 hour.  The maximum number of power points you may have at a time from this ability is half your Diamond Heart level, rounded down.

The target you attack.must present a credible threat to you.  Merely attacking a wood post or an ordinary chicken will not grant you power points from Focused Synapse.  Typically, a creature that would provide no XP when defeated is never a credible threat for this ability, though summoned creatures trigger Focused Synapse at the GM's discretion.

You may use this ability with Counter Strike (see below) if you have a psionic focus to spend.

Posture of Eternal Vigilance (Ex): A Diamond Heart of at least 8th level gains the Posture of Eternal Vigilance.  In terms of prerequisites and dependent effects like the feat Ironheart Aura, this stance counts as being a level 7 stance from both the Diamond Mind and Iron Heart disciplines.

While in this stance you gain these abilities:

-Choose one counter maneuver you know from any discipline.  When you initiate this maneuver, it is not expended and thus does not trigger Counter Focus.. A Crusader in this stance is automatically granted this counter until he is no longer in Posture of Eternal Vigilance.  Common counters include Fiery Reposte, Shield Block, Wall of Blades, and Moment of Perfect Mind.

Each time you enter this stance, you may choose the same or another counter maneuver you know.

Posture of Eternal Vigilance has no effect on your level 10 Counter Strike ability.

Counter Strike: Once per encounter, a Diamond Heart of at least level 10 can, as an immediate action, make a single attack at her highest attack bonus or initiate a strike requiring no more than a standard action.  If she expends her psionic focus during this time (no extra action required), the attack automatically confirms the first critical hit it threatens before the start of her next turn.

Counter Strike is not an attack of opportunity, nor does it provoke attacks of opportunity.

Posture of Redirection (Ex): A Diamond Heart of at least 12th level gains the Posture of Redirection.  In terms of prerequisites and dependent effects like the feat Ironheart Aura, this stance counts as being a level 9 stance from both the Diamond Mind and Iron Heart disciplines.

To gain the abilities of Posture of Redirection, you must be in the stance, be psionically focused, and not be flat-footed:

-You may deflect any ranged attack or ranged touch attack that targets you and would normally hit you, such as arrows, boulders, houses, party members, rays, or spitballs.  The deflected object or creature does not hit nor harm you, but falls to the ground prone in your space or in any adjacent space of your choice that will hold it.  Deflecting things this way is a free action that can be done even when it isn't your turn, and there is no limit to the number of times per round you can deflect creatures or objects.

Remember, you can only deflect things that require an accuracy roll and that target you.  You can't deflect the planet just because it's there.

-Instead of deflecting a ranged attack that targets you, you may attempt to reflect it.  You send it back to the origin with the same accuracy result that was used to target you.  Thus, you can reflect a giant's boulder back at it using the giant's accuracy result, or reflect a disintegrate to its caster.

-Finally, any non-melee effect (such as a spell or power) that targets you but does not require an accuracy roll (like slow or energy missile) is reflected as if you had reddopsi active.  Your manifester level for this effect is equal to your BAB.

Bonus Feat: A Diamond Heart of level 13 gains a psionic feat, metapsionic feat, or Fighter bonus feat for which she meets all prerequisites.

Expanded Repertoire: At Diamond Heart level 14, a Diamond Heart expands her psionic and martial repertoires.  First, you gain a new psionic power in addition to your normal amount of powers.  This power may be of any level you can manifest, and may be from any psionic class's or discipline's list.

Second, you gain a new maneuver in addition to your normal amount of maneuvers.  This maneuver may be from any discipline, but you must meet all other prerequisites for it, such as initiator level.

Posture Synergy (Ex): A level 15 Diamond Heart may be in two postures at once, or one stance and one posture at once.  When she switches stances or postures, she may switch one or both of her postures or stances.

Diamond Hearts in the Game
A Psion4/Warblade1 or Psion5/Warblade1 is the expected entry, but a Psychic Warrior4/Swordsage1 or Psychic Warrior4/Swordsage2 also qualifies, and may even get her WIS bonus to AC.  A Psion5/Crusader1 also qualifies via Shield Block, but Crusader Diamond Hearts are rare.

An Ardent/Swordsage with Practiced Manifester can some of the best of both worlds, eventually getting level 9 maneuvers and stances before level 20.

Diamond Hearts are intended as a defensive class.  Their emphasis on counters helps ensure they stay alive longer than a typical Warblade or Psion, and can tank without the randomness of a Crusader's recovery mechanic.

Some would try to turn their Diamond Hearts offensive.  With the right mix of powers, stances, and maneuvers, it can be done.

Psionic classes are known for having few, versatile powers.  The Diamond Mind and Iron Heart disciplines are often seen as most versatile, and a Psion/Warblade/Diamond Heart may be a better psychic warrior than a Psychic Warrior, but requires more levels.