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Character Advancement

Character LevelExperience Point TotalFeatsAbility ScoreWealth
260 gp390 gp
2nd3,0002,0001,3001,000 gp390 gp780 gp
3rd7,5005,0003,3002nd3,000 gp780 gp1,650 gp
4th14,0009,0006,0001st6,000 gp1,650 gp2,400 gp
5th23,00015,00010,0003rd9,500 gp2,400 gp3,450 gp
6th35,00023,00015,00014,500 gp3,450 gp4,650 gp
7th53,00035,00023,0004th20,500 gp4,650 gp6,000 gp
8th77,00051,00034,0002nd27,500 gp6,000 gp7,800 gp
9th115,00075,00050,0005th35,500 gp7,800 gp10,050 gp
10th160,000105,00071,00044,500 gp10,050 gp12,750 gp
11th235,000155,000105,0006th54,500 gp12,750 gp16,350 gp
12th330,000220,000145,0003rd65,500 gp16,350 gp21,000 gp
13th475,000315,000210,0007th77,500 gp21,000 gp27,000 gp
14th665,000445,000295,00090,500 gp27,000 gp34,800 gp
15th955,000635,000425,0008th104,500 gp34,800 gp45,000 gp
16th1,350,000890,000600,0004th119,500 gp45,000 gp58,500 gp
17th1,900,0001,300,000850,0009th135,500 gp58,500 gp75,000 gp
18th2,700,0001,800,0001,200,000152,500 gp75,000 gp96,000 gp
19th3,850,0002,550,0001,700,00010th170,500 gp96,000 gp123,000 gp
20th5,350,0003,600,0002,400,0005th189,500 gp123,000 gp159,000 g

Note: Player Characters created that were not initially part of the beginning of the campaign only use the High Column for allotted PC wealth amount to purchase items up to 8th level and then Medium column for allotted PC wealth amount to purchase items up to 15th Level and then the Low column for 16+ Level.