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Calculating Encounter Level

To calculate PL and CR for EL use this link:

Note: ignore the difficulty rating on the link as it is geared to D&D3.5  and not Pathfinder

PC's will brease through the encounter quickly and use up very little resources. 
(Party Level) or PL
EL (Encounter Level) = PL +2

PC's will move through the encounter with a bit of damage. 
EL=PL +3

PC's will be challenged and definitely take some damage. 
EL = PL +4/+5

Very Difficult  
A player may die or at least be reduced to 0 hp
EL= PL +6

Several players will die or be reduced to 0 hp and possibly need to retreat

When to use which EL's

EL +4 or +5 if multiple encounters in one game session with out resting (estimated 3+ encounters)

EL +6 for just two encounters without resting

EL +8 for just one counter without resting