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Immersive Role-play Experience Awards

If you wish to bring the campaign away from making it all about killing everything in sight and want to challenge the players to experience more roleplaying and be more immersive into the campaign you can gear XP awards away from the classic - you kill the monster and gain "x" xp.  Instead here are other methods of doling out equivalent xp to allow the pc's to advance similar to the classic method without need to hack and slash all the time. 

Award two times XP value of CR of creature

  • Neutralize an NPC without Killing  - perhaps they wish to capture the creature interrogation or perhaps they feel better about disabling the creature without killing it. Death is not always the answer.  If the pc's neutralize the enemy with out actually killing it and do it well. Be willing to award full to double the amount of XP.  If you are worried about to much XP going to them, then cut XP in 1/2 when they do kill something to show them it is not all about killing. 

  • Avoid combat by coming up with a good plan - Don't be sad if the PC's come up with smart plan to work around your 10 headed hydra. Reward them with full XP as if they did defeat it. 

  • RP'ing in an encounter - What if they talk to the hill giants instead of killing them and say "Hey!" Your causing  lot of problem for the town and we wish you would stop!" The Hill Giants say " OK, give us some cows and we will leave you alone".  Good! Done!  Even though they did not have a knock out drag out fight. They should still get the XP and maybe more for that. 

 +(x*10 (levels 1-10) /(Levels 11-20 [100])  where x= the level of the characters class

  • Perform unexpected and surprising maneuver in combat

  • Come up with a good plan

  • Well described attack or maneuver 

  • Figure out a plot lead 

  • resolve a plot point

  • gain information thru NPC without prompting

  • Perform an action in character - Bards put on a concert, Rogues or Wizards but on a show to entertain people. 

Caster classes get +(x*10/ 100) xp for each spell cast, where x= the level of the spell

Describing a spell/ Spell flavor

using spells well outside of combat.  Using utilitarian spells in a unique or interesting way 

Award 10 * the DC of the check xp for the Skill description

Describing a skill activity

        Use Profession Skill!

        Have players come up with something that they can do for entertainment or making money where they can go into a town and do something interesting.  Maybe the player wants to be a diplomat but doe snot=have the points to make it it happen. Give him couple of extra points to help them out. Maybe your Sorcerer wants to sing.  Give them some points in Perform so they can. Ask your players what sort of things do you like to do when your not adventuring. Making beer?  Magic tricks, Singing?  Acting? Making Candy? Dancing?  Forging documents?  Making things? 

Make monster killing xp 1/2 what it normally would be. non combat equals full xp. roll playing 1.5x the xp

Exploring a dungeon/ Wilderness/ town Each location/ town / room are area grants a certain amount of xp. 

In order to get the pc’s more interested in exploring a town rathe then just hitting the magic shops and the tavern.  Make each place they go to worth extra xp.  Though you can put a cap on it if they get crazy and start just going everywhere to pick up extra xp.

Bonus Action Points  (alternate bonus for high level Characters)

Level 14 or higher Characters  -award bonus action points as well as with only 10 action points per level and a long time between levels they pc’s may burn through action points before they level again.  Would wait until there action points get below 5 

Give All Bonuses or Extra Action Points

Give XP/ Action Points after the adventure or better in private email afterwards right down what they did during game. 

Total how much xp you want PC’s to get through the night adventure or module. Each time they move the plot along award them an aspect of the XP. Example we go hear and talk to this person or do something  or do that thing

Example:  A module is split into 4 parts.  The first Part they must find a pirate’s lost treasure, second part they must rescue a princess, 3rd they have to negotiate a trade agreement and 4th they must defeat a bunch of trolls.  The trolls maybe the main gist of the adventure but to emphasize role-play make each part an equal or more valet killing the trolls.  So if the Whole module is work 8,000 xp then make each aspect worth 2,000 xp or make each with 2200 xp and make defeating the trolls less. However if the pc’s defeat the trolls in a non violent way or they keep from killing the troll out right like relocating them then add more xp for using creativity. 

Clerics must extols the virtues of their deity must talk up their religion or give wise council during healings. Pilgrimages on holy days, reading from holy texts.  

example : Blessed are the twin sisters of good and light. May there light and healing bring u renewed strength and vigor to combat the forces of darkness

every 15  min of role-play is worth defeating an enemy of equal level


Have Michael  use his spell verbiage when casting spells. Must be several lines? or based on level  of spell. Spell flavor. What does the spell look like? Feel Like? Can u smell the spell energy? is it hot? or Cold?

montage movie of spell casting - like stuff from world of warcraft