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Mossy glades at dawn, still pools never touched by man, rings of toadstools in the moonlight, castles of ice in the clouds … these are fairy places, realms of the immortals. The fey wander at the fringes of civilization and dare to tread where no mortal foot has ever been. They are beings of hope and tragedy, and there has always been a subtle sadness that seems to surround them. Mortals believe that they are creatures of life, and indeed they are, but not in the ways mankind thinks. 

The fey are a diverse group,  They have strictures placed upon them that mankind does not understand, which breeds fear and mistrust. In some places the fey are honored as near holy beings, while in others, they are slaughtered as demons. Indeed, both of these reactions can be justified at times, but the truth of the matter is often cast aside in favor of irrational awe or hatred. 

 Fey Races
Asrai (Urchins)

Fey Templates
Fey may choose to advance in the most classes.  It is very rare that fey would choose to become a cleric or paladin. However if they do they will always align themselves with a deity of nature. Fey can not use firearms. Fey must be careful about weapons and armor. Fey cannot use any weapon or armor that has iron or cold iron in it. 

Fey Prestige Classes
Fey Dancer
Chosen Protector

Fey Creatures

Hedge Magic

Fey Items

Unusual Items