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Fey Feats

 Feat     Prerequisite Benefit
 Eldritch Vesture Fey Race Damage reduction +3/ cold iron
 Improved Eldritch Vesture Eldritch Vesture Damage reduction +5/ cold iron
 Greater Eldritch Vesture Improved Eldritch Vesture Damage reduction +8/cold iron
 Fey Sight Fey Race Acts as Arcane Sight
 Eldritch Embodiment Fey Race Gain Spell Like abilities or skill bonuses
 Court Bond Eldritch Embodiment 
 Improved Eldritch Embodiment Eldritch Embodiment Supernatural abilities
 Fey Foci Eldritch Embodiment 
 Craft Fey Item Fey Race 
 Sublime Movement Fey Race Add Cha mod to AC
 Luck of the Fey Fey Race Add Cha mod to Saving throws

The following new feats may be taken by any fey race.

In exchange for allowing yourself to be bound more fully to your cynosure, you gain extra fey abilities.

Prerequisite: Magic Weave

Benefit: Any abilities bought with Magic Weave cost only 2/3 what they normally would, after other calculations.

Special: You must now choose a much more specific cynosure, within the boundaries of your previous one. For example, if your cynosure was a forest, it will now become a single tree in that forest, and if it were a mountain, you would now have to choose a single boulder. In the case of a large, indistinctly divided place, such as lake, you must choose a 10-foot cubic area within it. You may not travel more than 300 feet from your cynosure. This cynosure cannot be movable under your own power, unless it is a sentient being. This feat may not be taken if your cynosure is a single being, but it can be taken to change your cynosure from a group of beings to a single one.

The power of your fey soul allows you to negate some of the damage from attacks by anything but weapons made of cold iron.

Prerequisites: Fey type

Benefit: You gain an additional damage reduction of 5/cold iron.

Special: You cannot take this feat twice, but you can further enhance your damage reduction with the Greater Eldritch Vesture feat.

Your fey vision is enhanced to the point where you can see magic itself.

Prerequisite: Fey type

Benefit: You can see as far as a human could in broad daylight even in total natural darkness. You receive detect magic as a free supernatural ability, usable at will.

Special: Magical darkness can still obscure your view.


Prerequisites: Eldritch Vesture

Benefit: As Eldritch Vesture, except that the damage reduction is 10/cold iron. This does not stack with Eldritch Vesture; your total additional damage reduction is 10.

Special: You cannot take this feat twice, but you can further enhance your damage reduction with the Improved Eldritch Vesture feat.



Prerequisites: Greater Eldritch