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Nature of the Fey

Cynosure:  A person, place or thing that binds a fey to the feywilde and prevents it from fading away.

Gentry: The "noble" fey of a court. 

Reverie: Magic of the fey

Cycle:  The changing of the mantle of the Oberon and Titania to a different court

Host: Subgroups within the Court of Dreams and Nightmare who fulfill a purpose that helps their court. The entire Court of Twilight is also considered a host in its own right. A host can serve as a fey’s cynosure, except in the case of fey of the Twilight Court.
Feytouched (Rememberer) a mortal that has made a bond with a fey. 

Half-Fey (Muryan): a mortal of fey descent. Usually where one parent is fey and one is mortal. They are simultaneously pitied and
admired among the fey.

Promises/ Bargins/ Contracts/ Deals/ Oaths
Fey are very wary to make any type of these arrangements with other fey. Most fey only make one if they can help it and that is to their court. Occasionally fey may have to make one with another fey. They are absolutely binding.  These arrangements are usually favors that one owes to another fey. The arrangements can be light or sometimes severe. The fey love making these with unwary humans. The exchange can be anything, a first born, a memory, servitude, your voice, your looks, a family member (always a child).

True Name
A fey never reveals its true or full name. Many fey have pseudonym that they use and can go by many names. If a fey or mortal is able to get a fey's true name then they have complete power over that fey. It acts like a dominate person spell.  Any request made with the fey's true name immediately acts as a dominate spell cast. 

Symbols & Rules
The Laws
Law of balance
Law of final truth
Law of propagation

Dwindling: What happens to a fey who has entered crux, unless he opts to change court.
Crux: When a fey has transgressed against the forces that sustain him and runs the risk of death, losing power, or changing
from what he is into something else.


Changlings/ Half Fey
Mortal children are taken by fey and fey children creatures are left in their place. Sometimes this works out ok. They fey children usually make it back to the fey wilde when they get old enough. SOmetimes the fey child does;t mix well in their new mortal home and people get hurt or die. SOmetimes the fey children become stuck in the mortal world and can go either way by being very bad or sometimes making a difference in the mortal realm. 

Fey can not procreate as mortals do. Fey may bear a child with a mortal. 

Fey can be attracted to extraordinary or highly gifted mortals. Usually this attraction leads to sex. Sometime it leads to children.   It is highly frowned upon by the Sellie court but it happens. These children are not excepted by the fey parents and are often left in the mortal world with eth mortal parent. They are considered half breeds or bastards. If they find there way back to the fey wild then they can remain if they survive. Often they do not as they do not understand the danger stat lay within the fey wilde. Mortals find some few extremely attractive. They can act as if effected by a charm person spell. Some fey are so comely to mortals that mortals have difficulty being around them without being affected. Usually it is a Seelie fey. 

Often times fey will capture a mortal child, teenager or adult. Children are chosen by the willingness to accept the fey and older mortals are chosen beucaseof attractiveness. These are known as tithes and though frond upon by the Courts it happens more often then not. Tithes do not last long in the fey wild. The fey can get bored with them. They can kill them, return them to the mortal world or transform them into something else. USually animals. 

The gentry of the courts like hunting and feel it is a regal sport. SOmetimes tithes are transformed into animals for the fey to hunt. 

Banishing fey
At times fey can be unwanted in the mortal realm. Beyond the high level cleric abilities the fey can be banished in other ways. Brewing a stew in an egg shell in a home. Pride makes ragarts of even the wisest of the folk. 

Cold Iron
Cold Iron is highly poisonous to most fey. Even being in proximity to it can make a fey weaker. Fey will never touch or come in contact with cold iron if they can help it. The touch of cold iron will burn a fey as if it had heat metal cast on it. Prolonged exposure to cold iron will cause a fey to become sickened and will take con damage is if poisoned until they become unconscious. If the exposure continues it would destroy a fey. Fey fear cold iron and sense its proximity up to 60 feet. When a fey is presented with cold iron it has a chance to become shaken. It really depends on how powerful the fey is and how much cold iron is present. Half-fey and fey touched do not have the severity of this condition. Some half-fey have even been known to have no issues with cold iron. 

All fey creatures are immortal. They do not age or die of natural causes. Fey do not die but rather are destroyed. They can not be brought back by an divine spells. The only spell that maybe able to bring back a fey is a wish spell. Half-fey or fey touched do not share the same fate. As they are part mortal. 

Time runs differently in the fey wild. Minutes in the fey wild can be hours or days on the mortal plane.  

The environments in eth fey wild can be distinct depending in which part you are in. Both the Seelie and Unseelie court have territory or lands that they control and rule over in eth fey wilde. There are also vast open stretches of neutral territory that neither court controls. 

Crossroads / Trods
Magica pahways
There are many doorways from the mortal world into eth fey wilde and vice versa. These are sometimes referred to as crossroads. At times the distinction between the two plans can be almost imperceptible. The fey wilde is so closely tide to the mortal world that you can be walk down a forest road in the moral plane and in the next you are in the fey wilde. Portal or doorways into the fey wilde can be very unusual, it can be a natural formation such us under a tree or waterfall, or something unusual like the inside of a closet or under a bed. 

Mortal Children
Fey are very attracted to mortal children. Because of their energy some say that the fey can actually use children as a source of power to fuel there magic. 

Thistle witch (oracle of the fey)?

beautiful and talented mortal

Unseelie cort requires blood. Those in unseelie lands must bind themselves into service. There service is hard. and their amusements are cruel. Terrible and dangerous. 

mortal realm ironside

Fey can be precoutious, unpredictable they are likely to as kind as to kill you. 

Honey cakes

Fey love honey. they can be satiated by honey treats in the mortal realm. 

Solitary fey
Have no ties to any court.  Often times Seelie and Unseelie vie for control of them. They are at the mercy of who ever rules the land they are tied.