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Spring Child

As the fey are known to take mortal children to create more of their kind so to do they sometimes return these children to their mortal families if they feel reluctant to transform the mortal. These children are exposed to the fey essence but are not completley trnasformed. They are known as a Spring Child as it is often the Spring Court that is involved in the process.  However other courts have beenk nown to do this as well. These mortals are known to by there affiliated court. 

Spring children are also inexplicably drawn to tragedy, easily moved by a sad play or a traveler's tale of woe. Though they can become melancholy after such an experience, they continue to seek it out wherever they go. 

Spring children always resemble lithe, attractive humanoids, with pale, clear skin and pointed ears. They have an elven appearance bu t are more rounded and ro bust than most elves. A spring child's eyes are very bright, generally a striking color such as pale sky blue, fiery red, or even gold or silver. Her hair changes depending on the court she is from: If spring it is some form of green, though this can vary from a light pastel hue to a dark mossy color; if summer it is always brown,  a brilliant auburn or blond if fall; and if winter it is pale blue or white. 

Spring children are sensual and enjoy the finer things in life. Spring children are unable to stay in anyone place for more than a few month s or a year. Th ey constantly crave to look beyond the horizon and over the next hill. Yet they also have a great fear of being alone and prefer companionship even when seeking a quiet place to rest . Though not bound to the woodlands as their mothers are, spring children cannot abide being too far from the forest, and are comfortable in a city for only a few days unless a large copse of trees is easily in sight. Spring children learn early that they attract people of all types, and they generally become excellent judges of character. Most grow up with a single pare nt, generally their father, or are foisted off on distan t relatives. They make lifelong friends and lifetime enemies with equal ease, and continually encounter jealousy of their talents, beauty, and easy acceptance. Spring children mature slightly faster than humans but never age once they have achieved adulthood . This agelessness is not just physical; spring children do not mature mentally the way other races do either. Eac h day they begin anew, with 
the sunrise just as fascinating as it was the morning before. Th ey can learn and gain the benefits of experience, but never become jaded-o r wiser-as other races do. The vast majority of spring children take after their mothers, being chaotic good in alignment. one are lawful, as their minds simply do not accept the constraints of a lawful ideal. eutral and evil spring children are not unknown, but even those tend to be driven more by lack of interest in others than any malicious intent.

Spring children are called to adventure by wande rlust and a desire to ee new places. Since they dislike being alone, they find it easier to travel with companions . In many cases a spring child learns an occupation useful to a band of adventurers out of a de ire to travel with them, rather than being an end unto itself. Most spring children are not leaders, despi te their ability to attract numerous fo Uowers.They prefer to be negotiators and diplomats, making deals but not left with the difficult decisions. This makes them natural for support roles, and many become spellcasters, especially bards, druids, and enchanters. Rangers, rogues, and sorcerers are also 
common choices for spring children, but not fighters, barbarians, or paladins. A few become clerics of nature gods, hu t those with a religious bent are more druids. 

Because of their ability to fit in, spring children work well with any class. They eventually win over member; of most races as well, though individuals who do not like elves are often unfriendly to spring children initially.

Spring Child Racial Traits

-2 Constitution, +2 Dexterity, +2 Wisdom, +2 Charisma. Spring children are not physically powerful. They are very nimble, however, and have a fair share of fey intuition, charm, and natural good looks. 
• Medium-size. 
• Spring child base speed is 30 feet. 
Spring children add +2 to the save DC of any mind -affecting spell cast they cast. 
Low-light vision. 
• Ageless(Ex):A spring child does not experience any of the benefits or penalties of aging. A spring child that reaches the age of sixteen is considered adult and never enters the middle age,old, or venerable agecategories.At the end of her life,a spring childsimply diesin her sleep,her hairchangingto its winter coloration regardless of the season. 

FavoredClass: Enchanter (Enchantment specialty wizard).