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These monstrosities are masterfully crafted fusions of meat, bone, and metal. Chosen from those who have fallen into the clutches of the Cephylix, the subjects doomed to undergo the grueling process of transformation are selected for their physical stamina and mental malleability. These procedures, which represent an investment of weeks of work, are among the most complex surgeries the Cephylix perform on outsiders. Organs are cut free from flesh and bathed in alchemical  solutions before being reintroduced to a radically expanded body cavity. Flesh is pumped with alchemical mixtures that foster rapid tissue development and increased bone mass and density. The final monstrosity is several times the mass of the original subject, its skin and bones toughened to endure extreme punishment. Sensory organs are carved away and the monstrosity’s brain attuned to a psycho-spectrum, allowing it to perceive its surroundings free of the limitations of the flesh.

The Drone helmet allows it to eyelessly track those trying to slip beyond the grasp of its masters, following their movements silently. Captives the Cephylix deem suitable for experimentation are secured, while those found wanting are efficiently eliminated with a single, whistling slash of a bladed arm.

The Drones are a concession by the Cephylix to the frailty of their own atrophied bodies. Crafted to react quickly to any attack and inured to even catastrophic injury, Drones instinctively places themselves in harm’s way to shield their makers. Muscles like corded steel soak up damage, and hardened plates of armor can withstand blades. After enduring a blow, the Drone retaliates with its brutal strikes. A drone’s actions are purely the product of insidious biological manipulation. The cephalyx artfully reconfigure the architecture of a drone’s mind, enabling it to perceive the world through a suite of new senses beyond anything as crude as sight or sound. In addition, the monstrosity’s reflexes are rewired. Autonomic responses compel it to hurl itself into the path of attacks meant for a cephalyx. When a Drone suffers too much damage to easily repair, its makers discard it like a scalpel that has lost its edge.

Base Stats
CR 5
Hit Die: 6d12+30(65hp) 
Init: +1, Speed: 30 
AC: 21  FF 20  T 11 (Dex +1, Natural +5, Plating +5, ) 
CMB/CMD: +14/+24 
Attack: +12 (5HD)  (see below)
Space/Reach: 5/5 
Special Attacks: See Below
Special Qualities:
DR 5/- , SR15, Imm Fire/Acid/ mind effects, Blindsense 60', Cryx Traits, Decapitation weakness
Saves: Fort +12, Ref +2, Will - 
Abilities: Str 25, Dex 12, Con 20  Int -, Wis -, Chr 9
Skills: Athletics 8, Intimidate 8, Perception 5
Feats: Choose from below
Size:  (M) or (L) (Large Drones gain a bonus to hit and to damage)

Special Attacks:  Drones come in several mods. Drones usually have three standard armaments they can choose from. These may include Blade, Saw or Axe. Other armaments are dependent on feats below. Drones receive additional attacks per round if higher HD. they may use one of the following or any combination of two.

Hammer (1d6+Str dmg) + Quake
Blade (1d8+Str dmg) + corrosive (1d6 acid dmg)
Saw (1d10+Str dmg)  + Wounding (2 points Bleed damage)
Axe (1d12+Str dmg) + Cleaving (no penalty) (If attack success gain one more attack against adjacent target, repeat for all adjacent)

Attack bonuses increase with HD increase
+14/+14 (7 HD)
(11HD)  +20/+20/+20
(16 HD)  +28/ +28/+28/+28

Special Qualities
The alchemical process of transforming the Drones toughens their skin considerably.  This gives them a base DR of 5.  The nature of the Necro Alchemical fuid within them creates a type of naturally occurring magic resistance. And the Necro Alchemical fluid which burns cold and is acidic gives them natural immunity to fire and acid. 

The hive mind and telepathic control the Cephylix give the Drone immunity to any mind effects.  Psionicists can attempt to override the Hive Mind control with power similar to the Control Construct spell however the DC for this is based on the commanding Dominator or Cephylix +20 and maybe overwhelming to break.  If control is overridden however it does not give the psionicist control but merely shuts down the Drone.

The helmet the Drones wear impart a type of Blindsense up to 60'.

Tearing a Drones helmet off or chopping off its head if does not have a full helmet will immediately render the Drone inactive.

Drone Feats
The feats below can be added to a drone.  Some have requirements.

Capture & Subdue (Ex)
Net Launcher - The drone can launch a net up to 20 feet+10 feet per 3 HD of Drone. The net has the ability to grapple a foe the same round and pull the foe to the drone.  The drone then has the ability for one melee attack on the foe.  The drone must succeed on a grapple check against the foe for this maneuver to work. The drone receives a +2 bonus on Grapple checks for this maneuver x the drones HD. The drones net is manufactured of metal. 

Quake (ex)
When a drone succeeds on an attack against a foe, the foe must succeed against the drones CMD. If they fail the foe is knocked prone.

Impaling Blade (Ex)
The blade of the drone has been sharpened alchemically and is much sharper then normal. This blade attachment extends the critical range one step of the drone when attacking with the blade arm.  This can be increased if the drone is of significant HD.

Grand Slam (Ex)
The head plate of the drone has been reinforced so that the drone may make a charge attack with a slam doing 2d6+STR damage with its head plate. This maybe combined with a Quake attack.

Shield Guard (Ex)
When another Cryx is attacked and hit with a ranged attack, the drone will move to intercept the attack and take the damage instead. This can be done out of turn but can only be done once per round.

Mighty Fist (Ex)
This drone’s fist have been enhanced with powerful construct parts and do an additional 2d6 points of damage.  This damage can be scaled to 4d6 for higher HD drones.  A Drone with this feat has a hammer weapon attachment. Quack maybe used with this feat.

Ball & Chain (Ex)
A drone with this feat is given two (additional) attacks per round. Only large drones can have this feat. A drone with this feature is given reach and can attack one additional square outside of its reach for its size.  Drones with Ball and chain can perform the following attack types.

Chain Weapon
The drone ignores any bonus ac given by a shield.

Beat Back
In addition if the target is hit with the Ball & Chain they must succeed against the drones CMD if they fail they are pushed 5 feet back and the drone can immediately advance 5 feet.

Chain Attack - Bloodbath
In a full round attack if the drone hits with both attacks and has the Ball & Chain ability , it can make one more sweeping melee attack with the Ball & Chain against all targets within range.