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The Crypnithgator is a chimera-tic creature, combining several animal qualities in one creature.  The most obvious feature is often sean as the Crypnith's dazzling plumage.  It appears in waves of chromatic colors from red to white to green to blue to yellow and violet. The next feature that is high praised in this animal is its suction like feet that can travel even on sheer horizontal surfaces.  The Crypnith is mostly found in moderate to warm climates tropical climates as it does not do well in the cold. It is not the fastest mount but is perfect for terrain that is varied with my cliffs and rocks.  Also the Crypnith is an exceptional swimmer using its tail to navigate deep water with ease and so it can travel on land or water. 

The crypnith is a moderately intelligent creature and can be domesticated and trained a riding animal or companion by many people. The live and breed well in captivity and there natures are well suited for the task.