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The Vulpine is a chimera-tic type creature, combining the traits of several animals in one.  They are large creatures and have been domesticated and bred as riding animals and companions. 

The vulpine combines the best natures of a feline and a lupine.  They are are loyal, powerful and intelligent.  They have great speed and can travel short distances relatively fast and adaptable to almost any terrain or obstacles with their quick reflexes.  They can take simple commands and understand subtle cues from their rider. 

As a mount the Vulpine can carry one medium size creature comfortably or one medium creature and one small creature.  It can carry two medium size creatures if need be but only a short distance. 

The Vulpine body is covered with a short fur coat that is criss-crossed with actual symbols.  Scholars have no idea why, but suspect it is an effect from the the great devastation.  The glyphs actually appear to move slowly and travel across the coat of the Vulpine. The Vulpine has a short mane of white fur and flowing long tail. The face of this creature has no hair and is best decribed as a combination between a bull and a boar with large goblinoid ears and protruding rear incisors. 

Vulpines are fitted with nose rings to be tethered to in case they need to be leashed in a town. This is rare though as  they are patient steeds and wait for their riders return without much fuss.