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Zerg Advancements

Zerg mutations 

Powerful Weapons
Zerg natural weapons are considered adamantine in terms of overcoming damage reduction.

Zergs outer insect like armor is naturally hardened. DR is increased by one step. If the Zerg does not poses DR it gains DR/5.

Body Mass  
Zerg muscle mass increses. HD is increased to d12 and +4 Con. 

Movemnet Upgrade
+30' to speed

Zergling Adrenal Gland upgrade: 
Zerglings gain an adrenal gland upgrade which makes their attack count as a double attack (does not double damage) and they get +1 to damage.

Hydralisk Range upgrade: 
GM's can give hydralisks a range upgrade equivalent to the marines range upgrade.

Ultralisk Armour Upgrade: 
GM's can give this to an Ultralisk to give it +5 armorcumulative with normal carapace upgrades.