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Dieties & Divine Classes

Deities and Ilysador

There are no deities in the world of Ilysador. During the Great War countless followers and legions of faithful perished. Entire priesthoods were wiped out. And as deity fought deity one by one they fell to each other. Their dogma disappearing into obscurity. However all the magical energy ( Divine & Arcane) that was released seems to have awakened or super charged this world. The very land itself, the trees, the water the air all pulsate with this energy. This flow of magical energy now permeates the world and its people and is what allows for divine and arcane magic. 

Each race interprets this magical energy in their own way. These interpretations are known as archetypes. 

Archetypes are like philosophies or beliefs. These archetypal divine sources are for more theoretical in nature. They are a force, a concept a belief. They take form by their shear manifestation in the world, they show proof and reward those that have faith and belief in them. 

Some practitioners draw divine energy from the strength of their own faith, some call to the spirits of their ancestors, some turn to the forces of nature for divine inspiration , and some claim a divine legacy that runs within their blood. Whatever the source, all divine spell casters share much in common. They have the ability to ease their allies' wounds and crush their enemies. 

With divine magic it is the believers' absolute faith in this archetype that is enough to tap into a divine spark within themselves. And they draw spells and powers from their own devotion. 

Each Archetype energy has a common term that divine casters call it by. Each archetype can represent several domains. These domains work the same as in the PFHB.

Archetypes of Ilysador

Adamo archetype of love and pleasure

Cervasque archetype of nature, healing, life, destiny, wisdom

Omnessence archetype of Omni Magic, power, force, healing, the arcane

Feritas archetype of animals, nature, the wild, beasts, the hunt

Vera archetype of truth, law and justice

Optimus archetype of benevolence, kindness, good will

Aduro/ Accendo archetype of light

Cerbus archetype of darkness

Atrox archetype of destruction

Fortus archetype of good luck

Divine type Classes

Clerics & paladins

Very few true clerics or paladins actually exist on Ilysador. What there is mostly comes from other worlds. These classes have limited abilities and spellcasting becuase of the weakend connection to the Outter planes. All clerics & paladins that draw their power from a diety outside of Ilysador recieve a -3 to their actual spellcasting level. They are unable to channel divine energy. 


Shaman type class who commune with spirits. Many have now taken over the healing role. Shamans do a lot of healing. And are one of the only ones who can resurrect. They do this by sending their spirit body into the realm the spirit has departed to and coxing it back into the body. The body must be in good condition (thru healing spells).


This class does not exist in Ilysador in classic form. 


Powerful protectors of nature, each Dochar binds his essence with an aspect of nature. The Green Bound are protectors of flora and powerful healers, the Beast Bound are powerful shape changers that use the strength of animals to protect the fauna, and the Force Bound who channel the power of the elements to defend nature and battle their enemies. 


An incarnate shares a special connection with Ilysador. Since birth, she is connected to some greater universal force. Thanks to that unique link, she works divine magic with ease and also can utilize amazing divine powers.

Altered Spells

Divine Castors do not gain access to the Necromancy School

Limited Evocation access - No spells that call upon the power of a deity

Divine Favor
Divine Power

Conjuring: Summoning spells do not work 

The following spells do not function in Ilysador:

Astral Projecton 
Dimensional Anchor 
Dimensional Lock
Planar Ally, any
Plane Shift