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History & Current Era

History of Ilysador

 Ilysador was once a thriving and political world. Its populace grew powerful with magic both arcane and divine and thru military might.  Vast cities covered its lands and seas.  The    residents of this world gave their allegiance to mighty deific powers that claimed large portions of the world for themselves in carved it up into vast empires of strength. These deific powers made Ilysador their residents and ruled these empires from their capitals. Soon conflicts begin to rise and wars eventually broke out.  These skirmishes though brutal were still contained and often deconstructed quickly by the other powers. This mighty world was at a pinnacle and all eyes eagerly watched for its next step.  The powers that be, the deities were kept in check by a greater power known simply as the balance. The balance would call attendance and representatives of all the powers to meet on Cotho Deran, the plane of council. This plane was an established meeting place for all the deities. The mighty halls of the garden citadel were constructed from shining mitral and adamentium, Jewels gold bronze and silver.  Great huge domes stained glass ceiling where beams of light would splinter into a thousand rainbows.  Even the dark quarters, whose walls were constructed from jet-black obsidian, white marble and rubies.  This was the last meeting place of the deities that called Ilysador their home.  They are now mere echoes from a past age.  The walls of the citadel now lay shattered, the buildings in ruin.  The gardens destroyed. 

 The Great War

When Sertanos unleashed his devastating trap and killed of the balance in one fell swoop, then the deities became vulnerable.  The balance maintained ancient high arcane and divine complex magic that kept all deities in their rightful niche. None would ever be to powerful and usurp the others.  It also kept them in power, granting them their immortal strength to rule.  Sertanos was a wild card, a powerful warrior mind mage (Psion) from Ilysador who swore allegiance to no deity.  This intrigued everyone for in a world, as this one individual did not get very far without some deific intervention.  Yet Sertanos claimed that his power came from within.  That he was his own master.  His power of the mind magic had never been seen before on Ilysador and with it he crafted a great kingdom for himself waging war with his armies conquering smaller fringe kingdoms. But he did not destroy. Instead he boldly grafted them together to form one empire.  He declared himself ruler and deity. Well this was unheard of.  Curious deities came to test his claim themselves. His power was great and the deities attempted to forge their own allegiances with him.   But no matter what treasure or torment was put before him he did not yield. Finally in a rash move a minor deity went against him and challenged his reign.  The wager was his entire kingdom and all his people. This calculated move would have definitely benefited the minor deity and would have pushed him into the ranks of those above him.  So they battled and Sertanos unbelievably won.  This made him a minor deity in turn.  Brought to the citadel for a meet and greet he was educated on the structure of things and told about the balance.  At this point Sertanos chose allies of both light and dark deities trying to chip away any information he could get on the balance.  Finally discovering their weakness, he had them all slain.  This unleashed the floodgates of a millennium of force that was kept in check.  It did not take much prompting for the deities to begin waging their wars. Sertanos played both sides, and eventually became known as the great betrayer.  No one trusted him.  But with a massive army at his call he watched as the other deities decimated themselves to only a few remained. 

 The Devastation

 With the deity’s armies and powers battle-torn and weakened, Sertanos went for the cue de gra, but he miscalculated.  The remaining powers laid a trap for him. And he being caught, used his power to destroy them as well as himself.  In that moment, all the divine and arcane powers came flooding back into the world.  All the deities had perished; all their followers had perished.  They had all been destroyed in the Great War and at its end the land itself heaved and sundered.  The races that were left struggled to survive and hid away.  Eventually things settled and they rediscovered a reborn world.  The places the deities once in habited now lay empty except for a few remnants of their once great cities and palaces.  Wild and dangerous creatures now wonder their corridors. Great weapons and treasures still lay in the cities buried under rubble. 

 Current Era: Era of First Light

Now with the world infused with power a new era presents itself . City-states have formed; new kingdoms and new races have emerged from the devastation that was wrought before.  A world unlike any other, one that seems at times alive.  As these races try to expand their new homes and come into contact with the surviving races of the world much is learned.  The lands themselves have changed, magical forests that seem almost sentient, great stretches of land where magic becomes unpredictable, and of course all the new strange creatures that keep appearing in the world.  These outsiders or off worlder’s as they are called have brought much to this world including problems.  The worst is it seems they can’t go back.   Now they to make their way in this world uncovering its rich and powerful past.  Still more changes challenge Ilysador massive amounts of undead were born out of the devastation and appear through the southern portion. The land itself is cursed and anything killed there does not stay dead for long.  Demons rampage through the southern desert and spread north from there. And a new dark enemy has made its home in the north and slowly its tendrils reach south corrupting all in its path.