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Khaydarin crystals

K-Crystal aka Kalaydrian, Khaldarin, Kalaydrian. One of the most prized naturally occurring magic stones.   These crystals or "shards" come in several variations and contain wondrous potential.  Some say that the power of the cystals comes from the gods,when they tread the world and had fierce battles and their divine blood spilt upon the ground. Others spin tales that when mighty dragons drew there last breath, that their magic essence was embed into crystal form. Others say the crystals came from another world. No one knows for sure, what is known so far is that there are three types;  Golden, Blue-Green & Red, each is a distinct type of K-Crystal crystal, with unique potentials. 

K-Crystal are hard, translucent crystal fragments with swirling, pulsating color suspended within them. Although K-Crystal are translucent, their glowing color make them look almost alive.



They contain a pulsating swirl of golden veins. Golden shards are the rarest type of K-Crystal shards, Because of their scarcity and importance to powerful groups, a new find of Golden shards is often the focus of intrigue or theft. They are sometimes called sunstones. Golden shard items focus or enhance the power of psionics. Kalashtar psions have found a way to harness the power of Golden shards by undergoing a painful process that embeds a shard in their body.



Crimson shards are found beneath the earth near layers of magma or sulfur vents, typically growing on volcanic cavern walls. They are found throughout Golarian but are particularly common in areas known for fiendish activity. Crimson shards have a smoky appearance, with writhing crimson veins running through them. They are sometimes known as demonstones. Crimson shard items have an affinity for darker magic. 



Blue-Green shards have a turquoise appearance and churn with blue-green swirls. They are commonly known as azurestones. Blue-green shards have a great affinity to hold magic. Blue-green shard items store magical energy easily. Blue-green shards are much more prolific then Golden and Crimson shards.  Spells can be encoded into these shards easily.  Many Blue-green shards come from the Antochian Empire. 



Purple shards are used exclusivley by the Antochian Empire to power their Omnimagic items.  


Green/ Yellow

Death Shards. These crystal usually found in areas of necromantic energy.  They are turned strongly with necromantic energy. 

K-Crystal can be crafted to become magic items and to  power magic items, artifacts, omni magic and constructs. K-Crystal vary in power depending on the purity of the K-Crystal used. These K-Crystal contain mana infused within them.  Though some 

Raw K-Crystal Grade

K-Crystalare graded by the amount o many present inside them.  The amount of mana effects the K-Crystal color intensity , clarity and size

Type 1 - 1d2  Mana points 

Type 2 - 1d4 Mana points

Type 3 - 1d10  Mana points (extremely rare) 

K-crystals can be used to make Armor, weapons, rings, rods, staves, wands, and certain wondrous items. 

Beacuas eof the inherent magical energy within the k-crystal, creating magic items with them is much easier. When crafting a magic items with k-crytsal components the DC to create a magic item is 5 + 1/2 the caster level for the item and creating an magic items with k-crystal components requires only 4 hours of work per 1,000 gp in the item's base price (or fraction thereof), with a minimum of at least 4 hours.

K-crystal has 30 hit points per inch of thickness and a hardness of 10.

Any weapon or armor made of K-crystal costs 1,000 gp more than its noncrystal counterpart. Any item could potentially be made out of k-crystal. Because k-crystal armor is considered to be made out of metal, druids cannot wear it.

Crystal Magic Items

K-Crystal Power Crystals

   Aura strong transmutation; CL 17th

   Slot none; Price 1,000 gp (1st), 4,000 gp (2nd), 9,000 gp (3rd), 16,000 gp (4th), 25,000 gp (5th), 36,000 gp (6th), 49,000 gp (7th), 64,000 gp (8th), 81,000 gp (9th), 70,000 gp (two spells); Weight


A potent aid to all spellcasters/ psions. Once per day on command, a Power K-Crystal   enables the possessor to recharge some of their mana. The amount of mana depends on the power level of K-Crsytal.

Mana Points (spell points)

Each level contributes a certain amount of  mana points to the caster/psion.  

1st (1mp), 2nd (3mp), 3rd (5mp), 4th (7mp), 5th (9mp), 6th )11mp), 7th (13mp), 8th (15mp), 9th (17mp)


  Requirements Craft Wondrous Item, creator must be able to cast spells of the spell level; Cost 250 gp (1st), 2,000 gp (2nd), 4,500 gp (3rd), 8,000 gp (4th), 12,500 gp (5th), 18,000 gp (6th), 24,500 gp (7th), 32,000 gp (8th), 40,500 gp (9th), 35,000 gp

Psionic Weapons
A psionic wielder of a K -Crytal weapon can focus psionic power through it, increasing the damage that weapon deals. As a free action that does not provoke attacks of opportunity, the wielder can channel psionic power into a melee weapon or ranged weapon made of K-Crystal  by using their psionic focus, the K-crystal weapon deals an extra 2d6 points of damage. The weapon will stay charged for 1 minute or until it scores its next hit. Bows, crossbows, and slings bestow this power on their ammunition. All missile weapons lose this effect if they miss. However, they may be recovered and charged again.