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Altered Planar Connections

Since the Great War and the Devastation, Ilysador has no connection to the astral plane. This effect has caused terrible problems with undead in Ilysador, strongest near Hallowfaust.  There is a weak connection to the ethereal and the Outer planes seem to still have some connection.  Random and fixed portals to the Outer planes have been reported and the Druids suggest a strong connection to the Inner planes. Many have reported fixed portals existing in specific locations, usually matched with their inner plane element.  Also strong connections have been reported to the Shadowfell and FeyWilde.  Many Umbral creatures have been spotted in the southern region and it is even reported near Hallowfaust that the Shadowfell seems to spill into parts of Ilysador. Connections to the FeyWilde can be found deep in the heart of forests  and mountain sides.  The Night Elves are said to be able to travel between Ilysador and the FeyWilde. In the western desert regions and near the plains it is said dark towering portals exist like shimmering obsidian.  Only horrors from the lower planes seem to emerge from these portals.