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Arcane Classes


Wizards are in ample supply in world overrun with innate magic.

In Ilysador a magical guild has formed headquartered in Kalasko with many smaller guilds in  major city states all across the continent.  These guilds are a powerful political faction. Arcane spell crafting is heavily regulated within each citi-states domain. All spell casters are required to register with the city's guild.  Casters are magically marked by that citi-state. This mark contains information about their name, purpose, affiliates and other vital information involved in keeping track of them. Though a bit bureaucratic, the guild provides a lot of magical services for the city, private citizens and travelers. Guilds can offer the traveler many useful services including; workspace and supplies for crafting, identification of magic items, buying or selling magic items, enchanting items, providing spell services, access to both arcane and mundane libraries for research. Membership in the guild is is recommended. 



Sometimes refered by there slang name  'Seeds', are either not partial to conform to the regulations and bureaucracy of the Guilds or to busy with their own personal agendas. It is believed that individuals with innate magical abilities have been 'seeded' by the archtypes. They can be found as magic for hire in many citi-states. Some consider Seeds as 'chosen' with some important destiny; most authorities view them as nuisances as they are often at opposition with citi-state and Magic Guild regulations.