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Healing Springs & Mana Pools

Healing Springs

As the deific energies seeped into the land, it heaved and trembled. Then an amazing occurrence, incredible , beatific springs erupted forth with wondrous healing powers.  It seemed that even the energy around the springs assisted in healing and peace.  These breath taking areas make any individual approaching gaze in awe.  Violent or harmful actions seem impossible within the area of a healing spring. As you approach a spring, wounds are healed, health is restored, the sprit seems uplifted and cleansed. Bathing in the waters of a spring seem to have a more powerful effect and drinking the water from a spring seems to be able to cure any condition. Water taken from the spring looses its abilities within minutes of leaving the spring’s area.The location of most springs is kept a secret and is only known to the Dochar. Several Healing Springs are rumored to be located in the Anotchian Empire, they are heavily protected.


Mana Pools

Shafts of stone jut into the air. At its pinnacle is sparkling blue light.  This light radiates out from the rocky outcropping and other small sparkling lights seem to swirl around the central rock as waves of pulsating blue light radiate out further from the center.  Mana Pools are similar effect to Healing Springs except that they restore Mana rather then Health.  The locationof most Mana pools is kept a secret and is only known to the Dochar.  It is rumored that a Mana Pool exists in Kanasko and is jealously guarded.