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Magic / Psionic Storms

A Magic or Psi storm is a site to behold. With the initial appearance of  a furious hurricane of the direst nature.  It can manifest within an hour from nowhere and move across the landscape at great speed. The storm’s very nature seems twisted somehow. Alive with an angry terrifying malefic sentient power.  The wind roars, lightning splits the sky in flashes of crimson or emerald as if to tear it apart.  The skies darken to a sickening purplish black. Muddy rain rank with stench or fist sized black hailstones bombard the landscape.  Magic users or psionicists caught in these storms must find protective areas.  Otherwise exposure causes terrible pain to them.  Doing 1 pt of subdual damage per hour until the storm passes.  Magic items can also become unstable during these storms activating on their own,  burning out completely or even exploding.

Scholars have conjectured that as magic is used throughout Ilysador its residue accumulates in the areas energy fields. When these fields become to overwhelmed the area cleanses itself by creating or discharging this magic energy through a magic or psi storm. During a storm all magic and psionics become very unpredictable and acts as if an unstable magic region.  The worst storms discharge powerful magic effects in the location devastating the landscape. Major citi-states have implemented many protective features to guard against these storms.  Many deaths have occurred during these horrid storms to both magic users and non magic users alike.