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Magic Regions

There are areas across Ilysador where magic does not function as it should.  It is belived a residual effect from the Great War and Devastation. Areas where deific blood may have spilled altering the magical energy and the landscape forever. Currently there are three confirmed types of alteration. These areas are known as Regions.


Dead Magic Region

These magic regions are very palpable by magic users.  They can sense that something is altered in the magic stream. By using a spell craft check they can identify the exact condition. Powerful magic users may still be able to cast spells in this area with a spell craft check DC30 + spell level, even then the power and duration of the spell is minimal. Basically its like a big dispel magic.  No arcane or divine spell casting works at all, magic items appear drained or unresponsive, spell like abilities do not function. Minor and major artifacts have a slight chance to work.


High Magic Region

Most observers can tell when they are in a High Magic Region.  Everything seems infused with energy.  The land seems more alive, fantastical looking plants and animals appear. The very elements seem sentient. The wind seems to whisper to you. The water is amazingly clear and effervescent. Everything seems to have a sparkle of light to it.

Spell casters power is boosted in these areas and any spell cast maybe come through more powerfully or altered in effect.

  Unstable Magic Region

These areas are of much concern. They can be deceptive and appear as any other location. Again spell casters can sense an altering in the magic force.  Some sign may exist as strange or unnatural phenomena seem to occur more regular in this area. A colored mist appearing suddenly from the ground, pin points of light flashing suddenly and then fading away, unnatural appearing plants or animals.

 Using magic in this region is highly unpredictable, even divine magic can have unknown outcomes.  Spells can turn on casters or produce unpredictable results.