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Moon Gates

Unknown whether a natural occurrence or manufactured through arcane means these strange portals appear in fixed locations based upon the phases of the moons. Rare records from before the Great War indicate that even then there were around. Though some Moon Gate locations are known it is  believed that many more lay hidden. The Moon Gates main purpose seems to be a mode transportation. At one time they acted as conduits transporting individuals from parts of Ilysador to another, even across continents and oceans. However after the Great War and Devastation the function of the gates had been terribly altered and use of the gates had fallen away.  Those who have braved them and survived say that the destination is unpredictable, sending the traveler to an unknown destination on Ilysador, another world or even another plane.

 The Moon Gates operate in sync with waxing and waning of the 2 moons.  Each moon has to be in a certain phase for the moon gate to appear.  When the conditions are correct the moon gate will appear for 1d4 hours in that location, usually at the moons zenith in the sky. When the Moon Gates activate it appears as violet glowing doorway surrounded by glowing magenta and white energy and light. Moon Gates seem to be built within stone megalithic circles or on grassy mounds in woods.

According to texts before the Great War an artifact existed known as the Moon Stone Oculus. Whomever possessed this item had the power to control the Moon Gates destination and function.

The corruption of the land by magic from the Great War has not only effected the functioning of the Moon Gates but their very energy as well. Rumors from travelers speak of corrupted Moon Gates that pulsate with a sickly black-green energy and appear during the darkest phases of the two moons.