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Psionic Powers

Dark Powers

0 Level Powers
Disrupt UndeadYou direct a shock wave of positive energy1st Level Powers

2nd Level Powers
Dead Man's Eyes By peering into a dead person’s eyes, the caster may see preceding the corpse’s death.

3rd Level Powers 
Halt Undead This power renders up to three undead creatures immobile

4th Level Powers
Bloodletting Your mere touch causes the victim's blood to erupt from every opening on his body
Coma You put a living creature in a coma
Necroplasmic Cocoon You draw writhing strands of ectoplasm from the Astral Plane and infuse them with negative energy, wrapping up the subject like a mummy.
Necroplasmic Lash This power brings into being a whip-like ribbon of purplish-green necroplasm.

5th Level Powers
Animate Necrosis You animate the dead tissue in the wound of a wounded living creature
Burning Blood you excite the blood of a living subject, heating it to the point of combustion
Caducity of Flesh Your touch, charged with this power, causes a victim's flesh to wither and rot away

6th Level Powers
Forced Symmetry You can force a creature into perfect symmetry in order to temporarily cause or heal damage
Necroplasmic Armor The subject is dressed in a suit of shimmering, necroplasmic armor
Nightmare You unlock the fear center of the subject's brain, causing them to visualize their worst fears.

7th Level Powers
Control Undead This power enables you to command undead creatures for a short period of time
Necroplasmic Shambler You fashion an ephemeral, many-legged mass of putrid pseudoliving ectoplasm, infused with negative energy

8th Level Powers
Flensing This horrifying power actually strips the flesh from its victim