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Psionic Races

Dromite (pic)
Small and insectoid in appearance, dromites stand out in most crowds of humanoids. Their antennae, faceted eyes, carapace, and small stature make them visibly different from most. Hailing from a hivemind-like history, dromites have come to love and appreciate individuality while still continuing to live in a hive and collective environment. New to Golarian they established a colony in Castrovel, living alongside the lashunta.

Dromite Favored Class Options


Magically created race that were once slaves of the Illithid.

A psionic race rumored to be wildly emotional, but perceived as extremely reserved that have a powerful innate sonic attack

Maenad Favored Class Options

A psionic humanoid race with amber or green glowing eyes that is agile and carry a deep philosophy behind their world view. Their civilization is centered in a great forested canyon in the vicinity of Vudra, where they fill a similar niche to elves in Golarion. Xephs are a common sight throughout Casmaron and southeastern Avistan. As a race of travelers who value artistic expression, Desna and Shelyn are important gods to them.

Xeph Favored Class Options

Manufactured humanoids that undergo a secret psionic process. Despite their innate psionic ability they still stand out as unusual

Elan Favored Class Options

Psionicly adept humanoids, born of a spiritual symbiosis between humanity and renegade spirits from Dal Quor, the Region of Dreams.

a separate race from goblins who infiltrate their tribes, spread their genes, and slowly supplant them

Blue Favored Class Options

Ghostwise Halflings
These halflings possess a form of telepathy that allows them to mentally communicate with nearby creatures with whom their share a common language. 

Crystalforged  (psiforged)