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The druidic orders of old have been lost in time as their numbers were decimated during a powerful battle with Osmodues's legion of death and demons to overtake the world. Seeing the devastation and knowing the Osmodues's world continue to advance the Great Leaflord Rallathil sacrificed himself into the great sea and from his essence sprang an enormous tree so large it became its own island. This tree is the Tree of Ages and when it had fully grown in a matter of hours it put forth a call to any mortals who in their hearts had a connection with nature.

Today the new defenders of nature are known as the Dochar. The Dochar can be found across many worlds. 

The Dochar have been blessed by the Tree of Ages, imbued with the powers of nature. Each Dochar chooses one branch of the Three Fold Path to follow. 

The Dochar protect the land and creatures, defending them from the constant onslaught of demons, undead and other critters. They maintain a constant vigilance to keep these forces from coming together and forging an army. Many parts of the land have become corrupted by foul magical energies and the Dochar work tirelessly to clear and cleanse these abominated areas. 

Access to Kalm 
As a Dochar of Ilysador you have special access to the Isle of Kalm, hidden stronghold of the Dochar. You can travel freely from the Isle of Kalm to the mainland as often as needed. Though Dochar usually only return to Kalm about 4x a year mainly to participate in major rituals and festivities. 

Dochar Legacy 
Once a year a Dochar can ask any question of the ancient stone circles on Kalm, to seek wisdom and guidance.

Three Fold Path 
The Dochar class is split into three variants; the Greenbound, the Beastbound, and the Forcebound. 

Depending on the path  followed.  Greenbound & Beastbound usually follow Sirvanus but Forcebound often choose the elemental lords to follow. 

Greenbound (Plant & Healing)

Dochar Prestige Classes

Keeper of the Wild