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Wild shape: Aspect of the werebeast

Aspect of the werebeast (Sp) 
At 8th level , You may use one of your wildshape abilities to channel your bestial nature to transform yourself into a hybrid form of specific animals. This transformation resembles the hybrid forms of some lycanthropes, and grants similar bonuses and abilities. Any natural weapons gained when in hybrid form deal damage as if the beastbound were one size category larger . At 15th level, they deal damage as if he were two size categories larger. This stacks with his improved unarmed strike feat. Choose from one of these forms: 

You gain a +4 bonus to Str & Con. I n addition if you have a natural claw attack you gain the improved grab special attack. This ability allows you to make free grapple attempts against a for at least one size smaller then you whenever you hit with your natural claw attack. 

Tiger or Lion
You gain +4 bonus to Str & Dex. In addition, you gain the pounce special attack, allowing you to follow a charge with a full attack (including rake attacks) 

You gain a +4 bonus to Dex & Con and +10 feet bonus to your land speed. In addition, if you have a natural bite you can attempt to trip your opponent as a free action without making a touch attack or provoking an attack of opportunity. If this trip attempt fails, your opponent cannot react to trip you. 

When in werebeast form the dochar can use special attacks. Depending on your level you may select one special attack from a particular group every other level after 9th. A beast bound dochar’s level determines which Group it selects its special attack from: 9th to 12th level is Group A special attacks; 13th-16th level is Group B special attacks; and 17th and higher is Group C special attacks. (see chart on werebeast special attacks page for more info). If desired, you can substitute two choices from a lesser group for your special attack (for example, a 13th level dochar can select one special attack from Group B or instead, it can select two special attacks from Group A). Multiple selections of the same special attack do not stack (unless noted otherwise). Each special attack can be used only in werebeast form (unless noted otherwise). Saving throws have a DC of 10 + 1/2 dochar HD + the dochar’s Wis modifier, unless noted otherwise. Each attack can only be used 3x/ day, unless noted otherwise. Additional feats may modify this. 

Beastbound Pack (Ex) 
At 5th level the beast bounds instinctual animal nature pushes him to form close bonds with his fellow party members. The beastbound seeks to form a pack as in the wild. The drive creates abilities and powers that allow the beastbound to be closely bonded with his fellow teammates. A beastbound will bond with his team and form a supernatural link making that team member part of his “pack”. This link allows the beastbound and the pack member to communicate instinctually in battle. The pack member and the beastbound will be able to communicate tactics with one another as long as they are 10’ of each other. The beastbound can bond with a new member every 2 levels after 5th. 

The beastbound can gain bonus Pack feats or Teamwork feats every two levels after 5th. He may choose from the following: 

Pack Fear 
When a Beastbound is within 10 feet of Pack members, he gains a +2 on intimidate checks per pack member. Acts as fear aura? 

Greater Pack Link (GPL) 
The required distance between Pack members increases to 20 feet. 

Strength of the Pack 
Up to 3x per day whenever a party member within 10’ or 20’ w/ GPL, is struck for damage, you may choose to take 1/2 or the full damage for them. Damage taken bypasses DR, resistances, and other benefits which may reduce damage. 

Arcane Pack Link 
Up to 3x per day, Whenever you cast a spell on your self, you may designate one pack member within 10’ or 20’ w/ GPL, to also benefits from that spell. As long as your Pack member is within the required distance, they gain the same benefits from the spell. You may share one additional spell with Pack members every five levels from 5th, (up to 4 at 20th level). 

Extraordinary Pack Link 
If you are within 10’ or 20’ w/ GPL, of your Pack member, that Pack member may choose to benefit from your Teamwork feat as though they have the feat themselves. You may share one additional teamwork feat with Pack members Every five levels from 5th, (up to 4 at 20th level). 

Pack Leader 
10th You gain +5 land speed. This bonus increases by +5 every three levels (10th, 13th, 16th, 19th) up to a +30 base speed bonus. This bonus does not stack with other spells that increase base land speed, such as haste, expeditious retreat, etc. (Needs some work)