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Creature Size (Large)

Senses Gained: Low Light Vision

Immunity Gained: Electrical 10

Resistance Gained:  DR10/ slashing

Vulnerability Gained: Weakness to fire (1.5x dmg)

Movement Gained:

Improved woodland stride (Ex): Similar to woodland stride except magically manipulated thorns, briars or overgrown areas to not empede its motion or otherwise affect it.

Melee Attack: 2 spiked fists

Full Attack: 2 spiked fists + thorn burrow

Special Attacks:

Thorn Burrow (Su) A briarvex’s spiked fist attack deals piercing as well as bludgeoning damage. Each time a briarvex hits with its spiked fist, thorns break off and bore into the struck opponent. As a swift action, the briarvex can ca use embedded thorns to twist and burrow into a single creature's flesh, dealing 3d6 points of piercing damage; damage reduction applies. The target of this ability must be within 100 feet of the briarvex. The briarvex must also have line of effect to the target. A creature can remove the thorns with a standard action.

Special Qualities:
Entangle (Sp): Once per round you may entangle foes as the spell. This acts as a move action. 

Skill Bonuses Gained: -

Space 10ft.; Reach 10ft.

Languages: -