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fungus leshy

Creature Size:  small


Senses Gained: darkvision 60 ft., low-light vision

Immunity Gained: electricity, sonic

Resistance Gained: -

Vulnerability Gained: -

Movement Gained:  -

Melee Attack: puffball

Full Attack: puffball

Special Attacks: spores, verdant burst

Special Qualities: Constant—pass without trace, change shape (Small plant, tree shape)
Skill Bonuses Gained:  -

Space 5ft.; Reach 5ft.

Languages: Sylvan; plantspeech (molds and fungi)

Change Shape (Su)

All leshys can transform into plants, which works similarly to the spell tree shape. Unlike the spell, however, these plants are always Small and appear to be of the same type of growth the leshy is related to. The plant a leshy transforms into always looks the same and, despite being Small, is typically unusually large for a plant of its size. It is a swift action for a leshy to turn into or from a plant. Fungus leshys commonly turn into large mushrooms, puffballs, polypores, earthstars, or clumps of mold.

Plantspeech (Ex)

All leshys can speak with plants as if subject to a continual speak with plants spell, but only with species they’re related to. Fungus leshys can communicate with molds and fungi as if they were plants.

Spores (Ex)

A fungus leshy is riddled with molds and spores. Anytime a fungus leshy takes damage, a cloud of spores bursts from its body, forcing all adjacent creatures to make a DC Fortitude save or have their vision reduced to 10 feet for 1 minute. Spending a full-round action to wash one’s eyes with water ends this effect. A fungus leshy may also spit a puffball riddled with spores as a ranged attack. 

Verdant Burst (Su)

a fungus leshy can burst out fertile energies. All plant creatures within 30 feet heal 1d8 points of damage. All normal plants in the area are affected as per the enrichment aspect of the spell plant growth (CL 4th).