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A mandragora rises spontaneously from a mandrake root that has drawn nutrition from the corpse or ichor of a demon. A typical mandragora stands at just over 3 feet tall and only weighs 30 pounds. However, its size hides the creature’s fantastic strength and brutality. When a mandragora attacks, its fingers grow into whipping, thorny vines nearly 10 feet long, with which it makes its slam attacks.

A mandragora rarely strays far from its lair amid tangled roots or vines, but when it encounters any other creature, it attacks regardless of the odds. However, a mandragora can usually recognize druids and does not attack them or their animal companions unless they attack it first. It has no qualms about attacking a druid’s allies.

When mandragora poison is mixed with its thick, gooey, sap-like blood and 1,000 gp worth of alchemical reagents, the resulting fluid can be used as a focus for the scrying spell. The fluid only lasts for the duration of the spell’s casting time and resulting effects but the subject of the spell takes a –4 penalty on the save to resist it.

Senses Gained: tremorsense

Immunity Gained: -

Resistance Gained: Acid 5, Cold 5, Electricity 10, Spell Resistance 15

Vulnerability Gained: Bright Light: Mandragora’s prefer shadowy or low light. Exposure to bright light akin to a daylight spell stuns the Mandragora for 1 round. In addition it suffers a -1 to attack, saves and checks while operating in bright light.

Movement Gained: Burrow 10’, Climb 40’

Melee Attack: Claw

Full Attack: 2 Claws

Special Attacks:

Shriek (Su): As a standard action, once every 4 rounds, a mandragora can give voice to an unsettling shriek. All creatures within a 30-foot spread of a shrieking mandragora must make a DC Will save or become nauseated for 1d4 rounds. This is a sonic, mind-affecting ability. The save DC is Constitution-based.

Improved Grab (Ex): Can Constrict on a successful grapple. Receives a +5 grapple bonus.

Constrict (Ex): Can deal 1d4 points of damage with a successful grapple check against medium or smaller creatures.

Hallucinations (Ex): The sap of the Mandragora is a powerful drug that causes hallucinations whenever it comes in contact with a targets skin. The target must make a fort save or is prone to hallucinations. It acts as a confusion spell. If the the target fails its fort save by more then 5 the power of the sap acts as a phantasmal killer spell.

Special Qualities: -

Skill Bonuses Gained: -

Space 5ft.; Reach 5ft.

Languages: -