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Creature size: small

Senses Gained: tremorsense 30 ft

Immunity Gained: Immune acid

Resistance Gained:

Vulnerability Gained:

Movement Gained:  

Melee Attack: acid pellet 2d6 acid + spores

Full Attack: acid pellet 2d6 acid + spores

Special Attacks: -

Special Qualities: can’t be tripped
Skill Bonuses Gained:  -

Space 5ft.; Reach 5ft.

Languages: -

Acid Pellet (Ex)

A phycomid attacks by firing a glob of acid from one of its several mushroom-like stalks. This attack has a range increment of 20 feet. A phycomid can fire one acid pellets per round.

Spores (Ex)

Any creature that takes damage from a phycomid’s acid pellet (or consumes even a Small portion of the fungus) becomes exposed to the fungus’s spores. These spores grow quickly in living creatures. This affliction is a disease effect, although its course runs much faster than most diseases and is more poison-like in its speed, and like a poison, the spores “burn out” after a short period. A creature that is slain by a phycomid spore infestation bursts open in 1d4 rounds as a fully grown new phycomid emerges.

Phycomid Spores: Disease—injury or ingested; save Fort DC ; frequency 1/round for 6 rounds; effect 1d2 Con damage; cure 1 save.