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Willow Tree Warrior

Akin to treants 

Creature Size (Large)

Senses Gained: Tremorsense

Immunity Gained: -

Resistance Gained: Fire 20

Vulnerability Gained: -

Movement Gained: -

Melee Attack: 2 branches

Full Attack: 2 branches

Special Attacks:

Entangle (Ex): The willow may attempt to entangle opponents using the vine like branches grown from its hands. The warrior may either make a touch attack if it chooses to only entangle or may attempt to entangle an opponent it hit with its normal branch attack. If the will tree warrior succeeds with its touch or normal attack, opponent is entangles just as if they had been hit with a net, except the opponent received a one escape artist skill check to avoid entanglement DC save. Like a net with a control rope the willow tree warrior may restrict an entangled victim’s movement.

Constriction (Ex): any opponent entangled takes damage automatically each round.

Wail of the Willow (Su): You can create a sound through your body that can have several effects:

    Confusion (Sp): As spell confusion, lesser

    Fascinate (Sp): you fascinate nearby creatures, causing them to stop and stare blankly at you. Roll 2d10 to see how many total HD of creatures you affect. Creatures with fewer HD are affected         before creatures with more HD. Only creatures that can see or hear you are affected, but they do not need to understand you to be fascinated. If you use this ability in combat, each target gains a +2 bonus on its saving throw. If the spell affects only a single creature not in combat at the time, the saving throw has a penalty of -2.While the subject is fascinated, it reacts as though it were two steps more friendly in attitude. A creature that fails its saving throw does not remember that you fascinated it.

    Sorrow (Sp) despair causes great sadness in the subjects. Each affected creature takes a -2 penalty on attack rolls, saving throws, ability checks, skill checks, and weapon damage rolls.

Special Qualities:

Spell Absorption (Su): Anytime you succeed at a saving throw against a spell, you absorb the spell’s energy. You store this energy and it can refill a spell slot or regenerate 1d10 points of mana.

Wood Link (Su): as a standard action can use surrounding trees to see, hear and smell. At any one time can use a number of oak trees equal to your HD and with 360’. You are completely aware of your current surroundings and break the link as a standard action. This also extends your tremorsense ability.
Skill Bonuses Gained: -

Space 10ft.; Reach 15ft.

Languages: -