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Keeper of the Grove

As a Dochar develops his power he may choose to take up the mantle of Keeper of the Grove. Those who show proficiency with channeling and casting magic are often ushered into this prestige class. The Dochar stops progressing in his current Path and instead takes up learning, channeling and blending the arcane arts with his nature bond. These Dochar are favored as powerful yielders of magic and use that power to protect the woodlands from harm. Though most remain within the territory of a sacred Moonglade they have been known to travel. They are quick to heed the call to arms whenever there is a threat to the natural order. 

When you choose to take up this prestige class your next level taken will be that of a 1st level Mage.  You may choose to multi class between Mage and your previous Dochar class. 

  • Feats: Comabt casting, Alertness 
  • Intellegence 18 
  • BAB +6