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Dread Hunter

A Dread Hunter is a Ranger class variant available in Ilysador. Dread Hunters are skilled warriors who have pledged their lives to fighting evil using its powers against it. Many fear the Hunters and their pact with darkness. Imbued with dark powered War Blades they play an important part in the battle against the forces that threaten Ilysador. (Use the Ranger from Pathfinder a the base for this variant class)

Bind Dark Spirit (Su): In order to become a dread hunter a character must have fought and defeated an evil outsider in single combat. When defeated the dread hunter undergoes a dark ritual to bind the energies of the dark outsider to himself. Upon becoming a dread hunter the hero’s skin becomes pale and drained of color. Regardless of his alignment, a dread hunter can be detected by spells and abilities that detect chaotic energy. As he progresses, the dread hunter’s skin takes on a blue tinge.

Alignment Any good
Skill Points 4 + INT Mod

Skill Changes
Loose Handle Animal, Heal, Knowledge (dungeoneering)
Gain Acrobatics, Knowledge (Planes)

At 1st level Loose Wild Empathy
Favored Enemy must be Outsider Evil
Gain Detect Evil at will
Gain War Blades
Detect Evil (Sp): At lst level gain Detect Evil as the spell at will.
War Blades (Ex): As the dread hunter binds part of a dark outsider within him to become a dread hunter, another part of the spirit imbues the melee weapon used to sacrifice the outsider. This weapon becomes the dread hunter’s personal ‘war blade’. The dread hunter now has a special bond with this weapon. He makes this weapon his one of choice forsaking other weapons unless caught unarmed. When yielding any other weapons beside his war blade he does not receive any enhanced powers of the war blade weapon. When the dread hunter receives the two weapon fighting feat he will choose a second weapon to yield in his off hand and must also initiate that weapon by slaying an evil outsider with it. These two weapons will then become the dread hunters war blades.

At 2nd level Must choose Two Weapon Fighting.

At 3rd level Loose Favored Terrain
Gain Enhanced War Blades
Enhanced War Blades (Ex): At 3rd level the dread hunter is able to imbue his war blades with greater energy and they become magical weapons granting a +1 bonus.

At 4th level Must choose Hunter's Bond – Companions
Gain Dread Sight
Dread sight (Su): the Dread Hunter learns to reach out with the energies inside him to perceive the world around him. The ability is similar to the blindsight monster feat, but with the following limitations: the dread hunter sees the world in monochrome black and white, no color. He must make a Perception check to notice creatures within range of his blindsight. Dread hunters have a 360-degree field of vision, however the range of their dread sight remains 60’.

At 5th level 2nd Favored Enemy continues as Outsider Evil
Gain Improved War Blades
Gain Dark Resilience
Improved War Blades (Ex):  the war blades can become an acidic weapon upon command. Activating and deactivating the acidic ability takes a standard action. Note: When activated it appears as a  sickly green haze that radiates from the weapon. 
Dark Resilience (Ex): At 5th level the dread hunter’s skin becomes hard and leathery, and grants him a +1 natural armor bonus to his Armor Class.

At 8th level Loose 2nd favored Terrain
Gain Greater Improved War Blades 
Gain Detect Evil Outsiders at will
Greater Improved War Blades (Ex): As the dread hunter continues to bond with his war blades and focuses his energy through it, he is able to alter the weapons abilities and now has a +2 magical bonus and it becomes an Energy Burst weapon. 
Energy Burst weapons functions as either a acidic, icey or shock weapon that also explodes with energy upon striking a successful critical hit. The energy does not harm the wielder. In addition to the extra energy damage from the energy ability (see above), an energy burst weapon deals an extra 1d10 points of energy damage on a successful critical hit. If the weapon's critical multiplier is ×3, add an extra 2d10 points of energy damage instead, and if the multiplier is ×4, add an extra 3d10 points of energy damage. 
Detect Evil outsider (Sp): At 8th level the dread hunter becomes incredibly in tune with the energies around him and can detect when the presence of an evil outsider is near. At will a dread hunter, as a move action, can concentrate on an area around him up to 120 feet and determine if an evil outsider is present or has been present in a location. By concentrating additional rounds it can determine more information about the evil outsider(s). 1 round – presence of evil outsider and general direction and distance. 3 rounds – strength of aura of the evil outsider(s). 5 rounds – latent presence of evil outsider (must make a survival check dc10+hours since outsider moved on).

At 10 level 3rd Favored Enemy continues as Outsider Evil
Gain Detect Magic at will

At 11th level loose Quarry
Gain Energy Resistance
Energy Resistance (Ex): At 11th level the dread hunter’s skin continues to harden and becomes a deep purple and gains 10 points of resistance to a single type of energy.

At 12 level Loose Camouflage
Gain Immolation 1/ day
Immolation (Su): At 12th level, the dread hunter learns to release the chaotic energy inside him in a burst that surrounds him in a 10’ radius. This energy burst deals damage equal to 2d6 plus the dread hunter’s level. This energy is considered force for the purposes of energy resistance. A successful Reflex save (DC10+1/2 the dread hunter’s level + dread hunter’s Charisma modifier) allows those effected to take ½ damage.

At 13th level Loose 3rd Favored terrain
Gain Greater Improved War Blades
Greater Improved War blades (Ex): As the dread hunter continuous to bond with his war blades and focus his energy through it he is able to alter the weapons abilities and now has a +3 magical bonus and is able to initiate one of the following powers: Keen, Vicious or Bane. The dread hunter may initiate only one power per combat encounter.

At 15th level Loose 4th Favored Enemy
Gain Immune to Energy
Immune to Energy (Ex): At 15th the dread hunter gains immunity to a single type of energy. Strange arcane designs form like black ink across his chest and shoulders. When the dread hunter becomes enraged they glow with sickly green light.

At 18th level Loose 4th favored terrain
Gain Immolation 2/ day

At 20th level Gain Become Outsider
Become Outsider (Ex): At 20th level the dread hunter becomes an outsider and takes on a clearly demonic appearance as he merges with the demon energies within him. His eyes become pupilless glowing green orbs. Huge horns sprout from his forehead and large wings burst from his back. He gains the flight ability at good rank.