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Hailing from the Forsaken city of Dunbar, those schooled in Dunbar are taught to channel powerful energies from the negative material plane. 

The Enervators of Dunbar revel in their image of death bringers and the fear and misunderstanding it breeds.  They feel this visage will get them the respect they deserve and do not hesitate to feed it.  They have no moral convictions binding their practices as those in Hallowfaust do and any fresh body is considered a resource for their craft. They feel their brethren in Hallowfaust are weak and incapable of yielding the full power of death.  Though they too will adamantly battle forces that oppose the ‘natural order’ of things on Ilysador. After all they do not want to see a third party gain the upper hand. Necromancers in Dunbar also live under a strict regime of power hierarchy. 

The Enervator Class is Lawful Evil. 

At this time the Enervator Class is an NPC class only.