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An order of powerful casters that use the energy of the Shadow fell & Necromancy to power their magic. Giestorvans patron deity is Pharasma. They hail from the gothic city of Hallowfaust and our bound by powerful laws and rituals to maintain their connection. 

Geistorven's are the chosen followers of Pharasma. She has blessed them with their powers in order to maintain the balance of the prime material by battling those forces that wish to enter from other planes and meddle with it. Any outsider can be considered a threat if they create enough mischief. What makes the Geistorvian Order so unique is the tools they yield in this battle. The Order resides in the macabre city of Hallowfaust. There they are taught to use the energies of Necromancy and the Shadow fell as a weapon. The Geistorvian Order teaches that the Shadow fell’s energy is a natural part of things. Though it is the part of  death it can still be used as a tool to help bring about balance.  

Due to the incredible rigid structure of laws that bind the Geistorvian Order and the City of Hallowfaust, many of its citizens enjoy a more hedonistic lifestyle then one would find in a lawful city. The city of Hallowfaust is remarkably free of corruption and its citizens respect the Geistorvian Order. It is considered a high honor to be allowed in the order. They respect individual’s rights, even after death and are actually very potent healers and embalmers. They work within the industry of death, as morticians and help others to come to terms with its inevitability, when not out patrolling the lands around Hallowfaust. The philosophy that drives the Geistorvian Order is that death is part of the cycle of life and the presence of demons or other non-mortal agencies interfere with mortal life. They seek to right the balance, with the best weapons they have access to while abiding by the strict laws and rituals of the Order on how to wield and work the energies of Necromancy and of the Shadow fell. 

Alignment: LN

Hit Die D6. 

Class Skills 
Craft (Int), Diplomacy (Cha), Heal (Wis), Knowledge Arcana (Int), KNowledge Religion (Int), Knowledge Planes (Int), Linguistics, Perception, Profession (Wis), Spellcraft (Int), Use Magical device (Cha) 

Skill Points 


Weapon and Armor Proficiency 
Giestorven's proficient with simple weapons and the scythe, sickle, dagger, heavy crossbow and light crossbow, also with special “bone armor” she can create with the proper spell, but not with any other type of armor or shield. Other Armor of any type interferes with a Geistorven’s movements, which can cause her spells with somatic components to fail. 

Giestorven's cast from the Geistorven spell list. Though their resource of spells is innately much narrower and specialized; they have access to spells that are unique to only them. Geistorven Spell access is similar to that of a sorcerer. Mana Cost is the same as a sorcerer’s. Calculating a Giestorven’s Mana is based upon his INT ability modifier. If not using the Spell (Mana) Points system then the Spells Known and Spells Per Day are as the Sorcerer

Spell Matrix 
Geistorven use a combination of necromancy and the power of the shadow fell in their casting.  The necromantic and shadow fell energy usage are bound by the orders strict laws. Not all necromantic spells are allowed by the giestorvan order. A Geistorven may learn additional spells from the necromantic school as long as the casting does not violate the their orders laws. Any order member breaking these laws may face banishment from the order and retribution from Pharasma. 

The giestorvan begins with a handful of spells that he has seared into his mind through intense training.  He may cast these spells 3+Int modifier number of times per day.  These spells include: Detect/ Read Magic, Disrupt Ectoplasm, Detect Undead/Outsider.

Marked by the Shadow fell 
As part of the ritual to become a Geistorven you must be accepted as a vessel for Shadow fell energy. Success of this ritual is known as being Marked. After the initiation black inky arcane markings appear on the body. The shift and shimmer,moving through the body so they never appear the same each day. Scholars say this represents the intangible nature of the Shadow fell. Not everyone that undergoes this ritual survives, many are driven mad by the darkness they embrace, often called the the flayed. The giestorvan order tries to save them but many perish from there own madness.  Those that survive and become Marked then must dedicate themselves to a Spiral.

Giestorvan Spiral: Once you have been Marked by the Shadow Fell and survive, the fledging geirstorvan must then choose a spiral to follow.  Spirals are specific paths of training that make the giestorvan formidble in a particular way. Each Spiral allows the giestorvan to learn specific spells, access to powerful feats and abilities. Spirals work just as a sorcerer's bloodline.

Curse Spiral
You receive Pharasma's Blessed as a bonus feat.
1st Amplify Damage, 3rdDim vision , 5th Bestow Curse , 7th weaken, 9th Iron Maiden, 11th Terror, 13th Life Tap 15th Attract,17th Decripify, 19th Lower resistance

Bone Spiral
You receive Bone Adept I as a bonus feat.
1st Many jaws, 3rd Bone Chill , 5th bone armor, 7th stone bones, 9th bone wall, 11th bones of steel, 13th bone spear, 15th Iron bones, 17th Bone prison, 19th Bone spirit

Poison Spiral
You receive Iron Guts as a bonus feat.
Venom Ray
1st Poison bolt, 3rd , 5th neutralize poison, 7th poison strike, 9th venomous volley, 11th Poison explosion, 13th Cloud Kill, 15th Poison nova, 17th Poison 19th 

Bonus Feat (Ex): Combat Casting, Diehard, Endurance, Iron Will, Spell Focus, Still Spell, Toughness, Arcane Armor Mastery, Blind Fight, Bone/Poison/ Curse Adept I or II, Skeleton Mastery, Summon Resist, iron guts, Pharasma's Blessed, Ectoplasmic Spell

Power over Undeath : At 2nd level, some undead are susceptible to your mind-affecting spells. Corporeal undead that were once humanoids are treated as humanoids for the purposes of determining which spells affect them. 

At 6th level, some undead are susceptible to your ability draining spells. Corporeal undead that were once humanoids are treated as humanoids for the purposes of determining which spells affect them. 

At 10th level, some undead are susceptible to your fort save spells. Corporeal undead that were once humanoids are treated as humanoids for the purposes of determining which spells affect them. Use Charisma score.

Dark Force: At 3rd level, all of your energy-based spells are shadowed and therefore become force based. These spells overcome the normal damage reduction of undead and also effect incorporeal creatures as if ghost touched. 

Death's Gift (Su): At 3rd level, you gain resist cold 5 and DR 5/— against nonlethal damage. At 6th level, your resistance to cold increases to 10 and your DR increases to 10/— against nonlethal damage. At 9th you gain a partial resistance to any death effects, energy drain or ability damage by undead or outsiders. You gain ½ your Level as a bonus to your saving throws against these. 

Eyes of Darkness (Su): At 8th level, your vision is not impaired by lighting conditions, even in absolute darkness and magic darkness. You can use this ability for a number of times per day equal to 1/2 your level. (1 minute /  level)

Grasp of the Dead (Sp): At 9th level, the energy of death surrounds you and so you begin change as the energy of death and the shadow fell weave through you. Your appearance becomes more death like, your skin becomes pale, and you are terribly cold to the touch. You become sensitive to bright light and prefer cooler overcast climates. Your breath and heartbeat becomes feint. Any heal check made on you suffers a -10 penalty as it is difficult to determine whether you are indeed alive or dead. At 12th level you gain resistance to any fear effects as ½ level to your saving through bonus. Your need for food lessens and you only need to eat 1/day in order to sustain yourself. At 14th level you gain resistance to any normal or magical disease as ½ your level to you saving through. At 15th level you no longer require food to sustain yourself with, you become immune to fatigue and exhaustion and require very little rest. You still require the same amount of rest time to fully recover mana points. 

Shadow fell Gate (Sp): At 12th level, in some parts of Ilysador the Shadow fell has spilled in and merged with the land. In these places it is very easy for you to create a connection into the Shadow fell itself. You can can traverse the plain of shadow as if casting a dimension door spell.  You can use this ability 1/2 lvl times per day. 

Incorporeal Form (Sp): At 15th level, you can become incorporeal for 1 round per level. While in this form, you gain the incorporeal subtype. You only take half damage from corporeal sources as long as they are magic (you take no damage from non-magic weapons and objects). Likewise, your spells deal only half damage to corporeal creatures. Spells and other effects that do not deal damage function normally. You can use this ability 1+1/2 lvl times per day. 

One of Us (Ex): At 20th level, your connection with the prime material and the Shadow fell begin to twist and become intertwined. You no longer know if you are dead or alive. You have become so infused with the energy of death that you now embrace it full. You gain immunity to cold, nonlethal damage, paralysis, sleep, ability drain, death effects, magical disease, fear. You also gain DR 5/—. Unintelligent undead do not notice you unless you attack them. You receive a +5 morale bonus on saving throws made against spells and spell-like abilities cast by undead or outsiders.

Additional Bonus Feats

Iron Guts
you gain a +2 circumstance bonus on Fortitude saves against all kinds of poisons, whether injury, contact, ingestion, or inhalation is the source of the poison.

Pharasma's Blessed
you gain a +2 circumstance bonus on saves against ability damage done by undead 

Skeleton Mastery (Ex): 
The Geistorven increases his ability to improve the constructs she has created. With this mastery the Geistorven can control twice as many bone warrior or bone mage constructs as she normally would be able to. Using the raise bone construct spell for example the Geistorven raises two bone warriors for every 4 levels the Geistorven has not one as given in the spell. As well the Geistorven is able to now raise a Returned Mage.

Improved Skeleton Mastery (Ex): 
With this mastery the Geistorven is able to augment the bone warrior or bone mages she creates even further making them more powerful, they now are raised as Burning Bone or Inferious Mage. 

Golem Mastery (Ex): 
Golems the Geistorven summons gain +10 feet to their speed, receives a bonus of +1 to HD, Init, AC, BAB & Saves. 

Improved Skeleton Mastery (Ex) 
With this mastery the Geistorven is able to augment the bone warrior or bone mages she raises even further making them more powerful, they now are raised as Crypt Guard or Crypt Mages. 

Supreme Skeleton Mastery (Ex)
With this mastery the Geistorven is able to augment the bone warrior or bone mages she raises even further making them more powerful, they now are raised as Death Mages or Death Sentries.

Summon Resist (Ex): 
Constructs raised by the Geistorven (a golem or bone warrior or bone mage) takes 5 fewer points of damage from acid, cold and electricity attacks and effects. 

Poison Adept I (Ex): 
Prerequisite:  Poison Spiral
With this feat, increases save DC by +2 for all poison related attacks 

Poison Adept II (Ex):  
With this feat, increases save DC by +4 for all poison related attacks and increases the damage threshold +1HD 

Bone Adept I (Ex): 
Prerequisite:  Bone Spiral
Increases HD, AC and power to your bone warrior or bone mages.
Increased HD +1, AC +1 and +1 die to dmg of your bone warrior or bone mages.

Bone Adept II (Ex): 
Increases HD, AC and power to your bone warrior or bone mage. 
Increased HD +2, AC +2 and +2 die to dmg to your bone warrior or bone mage. 

Curse Adept I (Ex): 
Prerequisite:  Curse Spiral
With this feat, increases save DC by +2 for all curse related spells 

Curse Adept II (Ex):
With this feat, increases save DC by +4 for all curse related spells and increases the duration by 2 rounds.

Accursed Spell [Metamagic]
You can imbue your spells with the power of hatred and vindictiveness, turning them into curses.
Prerequisites: Must be able to cast at least one spell with the curse descriptor.
Benefit: An accursed spell acquires the curse descriptor. Dispel magic no longer dispels an accursed spell, but remove curse does. Only non-harmless, targeted spells with a duration other than instantaneous may be affected by this feat. An accursed spell uses up a spell slot of one level higher than its normal level.

Curse Focus [General]
Your curse spells are particularly powerful.
Prerequisites: Ability to cast at least one spell with the curse descriptor, alignment non-good.
Benefit: The DC of any spells with the curse descriptor you cast increases by 2.
Special: This ability overlaps (does not stack) with the increase to save DC from the Spell Focus feat.