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Giestorven Spells

HB = Home Brew
Detect Undead/ Outsider (HB)

1st Level Spells
Detect Posion
Touch of Fatigue
Amplify Damage (HB)
Many Jaws (HB)
Ghost Shield (HB)
Bone Armor (HB)
Raise Bone Construct (HB)
Cause Fear
Protection From Undead/Outsider (HB)
Iron Guts (HB)
Grasp of Death (HB)
Poison Bolt (HB)
Speak with dead
Neutralize Poison
Restoration, lesser
Dust to dust (HB)
Disrupting weapon (HB)
Shadow Weapon

2nd Level Spells
Dim Vision (HB)
Weaken (HB)
Poison Dagger (HB)
Corpse Explosion (HB)
Clay Golem (HB)
Backbiter (HB)
Command Undead
False Life
Ghoul Touch
Spectral Hand
Venomous Volley (HB)
Stone Bones (HB)
Body Blades (HB)
Shadow step

3rd Level Spells
Lesser Shadow Healing (HB)
Iron Maiden (HB)
Bone Golem (HB)
Terror (HB)
Bone Wall (HB)
Ghost touch 
Bestow Curse
Gentle Repose
Halt Undead
Dispel Magic
Vampiric Touch
Magic Circle against Undead/Outsider (HB)
Remove Curse
Curse Ward (HB)
Accelerate Poison
Bone Chill (HB)

4th Level Spells
Shadow Healing (HB)
Confusion (HB)
Life Tap (HB)
Poison Explosion (HB) 
Bone Spear (HB)
Death lock (HB)
Death Ward
Deeper Darkness
Bestow Curse (HB)
Fear (HB)
Iron Bones (HB)
Remove Disease
Remove Sickness
Hearts Ease (HB)
Shadow walk
Stinking Cloud

5th Level Spells
Greater Shadow Healing (HB)
Attract (HB)
Curse, Major
Decripify (HB)
Bone Prison (HB)
Metal Golem (HB)
Symbol of Pain (HB)
Bind Undead (HB)
Skeletal Spikes (HB)
Howling Chain (HB)
Howling Agony
Shadow Form (HB)
Shadow Hand (HB)
Death Ward (HB)

6th Level Spells
Shadow Restoration (HB)
Lower Resistance (HB) 
Poison Nova (HB)
Bone Spirit (HB)
Fire Golem (HB)
Revive (HB)
Circle of Death 
Symbol of Fear (HB)
Undeath to Death 
Shadow Grapple (HB)
Curse, Mass (HB)

7th Level Spells
Shadow Reconstitution (HB)
Control Undead
Finger of Death
Subvert Planar Essence (HB)
Dispel Magic, Greater
Sarcophagus of Stone (HB)
Restoration, greater (HB)
Death Dragon (HB)
Curse, Major
Curse of Magic Negation

8th Level Spells
Horrid Wilting
Crown of Despair (HB)
Sword of Darkness (HB)
Hold Undead, Mass
Rightous Glare (HB)
Power word, Blind
Bestow Curse, Greater (HB)

9th Level Spells
Soul Retrieval (HB)
Soul Bind 
Wail of the Banshee
Devastate Undead HB)
Nybors Wrathful Castigation (HB)
Death Symbol of Pharasma (HB)