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These four immortal primordial lords are some of the most powerful beings on their planes. At time revered as deities they often dismiss worshipers choosing to create powerful courts of minions instead. 

Queen of Air, is the embodiment of the element of air. As an immortal being of freedom and travel, she teaches that her followers should move as much as possible from place to place and from activity to activity. Technically however, Akadi is a primordial, a member of an elemental race once in competition with the gods before they were driven away. Her domain is Sky Home. 

Lord of Earth, is the immortal primordial of the earth element. His domain is Stone Hold. Grumbar’s power comes from the many elemental devotees from other planes and the elemental plane of earth. Grumbar is not a proper deity, but rather a primordial retaining worshipers and powers equivalent to that of a god. 

Lord of Water, residing on the plane and embodying the water element. He does not care for followers or worshippers but holds power over a very large court at his domain, Cresting Spires. 

A powerful immortal primordial fire lord. He has tremendous influence upon the races of flame and holds his court in his domain; the Undying Pyre.

Planes (Elemental)
 Nature, Power All fast healing  Element Immune Energy Admixture