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You have forged a pact with powerful ancient or primordial lords. These beings saw the creation of worlds and waged bitter wars against other beings for control of these worlds but ended up defeated or worst exiled or imprisoned. They seek powerful magical knowledge to free them from their exile with this new power they will return and reclaim the worlds that were denied them. 

The Seven Lost Powers

Denha-Ras the Night Bringer
Primordial titan of creation, she transformed herself into a massive serpent and swallowed the sun, bringing about an Age of Night. It is said she is in a light slumber in the Shadowfell and may have a connection with the Raven Queen. 

Kezef of the Beasts
This Titan fell in a powerful battle over control of the Feywilde.  He was slaughtered and dismembered. It is said the pieces became all the beasts found in the Feywilde. He wishes to become reformed again. 

Boreem Titan of Chaos
Probability is this Titan's power, in the wars he used it to bend reality creating thousands of parallel rifts.

Arambar Titan of Dawn
Her light was the fire of creation. Said to be exiled to the Elemental plane of water. 

Asgoroth the World Shaper
With the powers of creation and destruction, was imprisoned in stone. 

Mual-Tar the Thunder Serpent of Life
This mysterious titan carries with it the power to alter life. 

Telos The Fallen
Imprisoned upon the planet, its very essence continuously mined by its people. 


Eldritch Knowledge
Any knowledge that is based on magic; spell books, notes on magic, scrolls, information on artifacts, magic items, arcane places, etc. 
As an allegiance you are bound to collect any and all written or oral material on the arcane. 

Amythest Excellence
The pactwrought does not age and cannot be magically aged

Saphire Perfection
At 14th, The pactwrought gains immunity to all diseases, including supernatural and magical diseases.