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Government of Coastadel 

Coastadel is governed by a council of seven nobles families known collectively as the Dawn Council. Decisions are put to a vote amongst the city's citizens, and their appointed representatives among the nobility take the results of these votes to guide their leadership in the Dawn Council

Coastadel is located Eastern Coast of Ilysdaor , North of Ravensport nestled in a sheltered harbor. Most travelers come to Coastadel via ship, as overland routes are fraught with peril. From the sea, Coastadel isn't much to look at; two ragged cliffs of stone jut from the coastline, their faces home to seahawks and gulls but little else. Then a vast rent in the cliff slides into view, it summit crowned by the shattered remnants of an immense stone bridge. Sailing between the slowly eroding stone pylons that once supported the bridge above, a visitor passes from open sea into thriving harbor of commerce, luxury and intrigue. Certainly the smell of the city is Breathtaking-a tremendous riot of exotic spices, oils, incense, and flora intice the senses. Perfumes and scented candles are popular commodities in Coastadel. 

Coastadel is Split into seven distinct districts, each with its own personality. These districts are separated by inner walls, the exciting aspect of the city is that almost any point can be reached by an amazing networks of canals. Many people use small boast to get around or go by foot as Coastadel is a series of interconnected islands. Friendly competition between the districts is common, especially during festivals, yet the citizens of Coastadel do not hesitate to come to each other's aid. 

City Districts 

Azure District 

Azure District is Coastadel's true waterfront. Consisting of two Sections, Azure District also houses the majority of the city's workers and lower class citizens. The western section of Azure District is primarily concerned with the city's internal waterways while the eastern section is home to the city's booming shipping industry. Azure District's representative nobles are the Islarans. The family has held the post of harbormaster for many generations. 

Champion's District 

Champion's District towers over Coastadel's western skyline, a district of guild houses, casinos, high end merchants, the Arena, the city guards and the city government buildings The Champion's District has often been called the Skyline district as it has the most impressive views of the sea. 

Champion's District representative nobles are the Lorchesters, old blood who have been established in Coastadel nearly from the city's foundation. The Lorchesters have recently clashed with Cudgel districts Taskerhill family over ownership of the Thunder River Lumber. Closer to home, they've been at odds with another of Champion's District noble family, the Toregsons. Rumor holds that the source of the conflict between the Lorchesters and the Toregsons has something to do with the Smith's guild. 

Cudgel District 

Cudgel District is primarily a residential district. Due to the vigilance of the local watch, it's also the safest district in Coastadel. The citizens of Cudgel District know this, yet they are not soft people they remain ever vigilant to the threat of attack in the form of bullywugs or pirates, or in the form of thieves and traitors. 

Cudgel District's representative nobles are the Vanderbilts. Although they're not the oldest noble family in Coastadel, the Vanderbilts are easily the richest. They own the most successful Trade guild in the city. 

Merchant District 

Coastadel's heart, and perhaps even its soul, is lodged firmly in Merchant District. The first district most visitors reach, it's often the only one they need ever explore. Merchant district shops run the gambit from simple grocers to specialized buildings like potion emporium, dagger sellers, exotic pet dealers, and the cabal of mages emporium. It also boast a wild nightlife with many upscale taverns and gambling houses. Merchant District's representative nobility are the Arabans. 

Noble District 

The Noble District is traditionally home to the Upperclass and wealthy citizens of Coastadel. Yet the in the past few years many resorts have began opening along the coastline of this district, with its fantastic views of the sea and amazing sunsets it has become the beacon for wealthy travelers to come and be pampered. These Resorts have the best accomadations and include many luxuries that can only be found in Coastadel. 

Noble District's representative nobility is the Lidu Family. with the end of the Teraknian family line over 100 years ago, the Lidu became the oldest noble family in the city. 


Although relatively small, Shadowshore is perhaps the most notorious of Coastadel's districts. This strip of land nestled in the shadow of Champion's District has long been a haven for thieves, thugs, and criminals of all kind. Generaly, the only people who live here are those poor enough that their homes hold no attraction to thieves or those who can ably protect their property by wit or muscle. The city watch has all but given up on Shadowshore, and as long as nothing particularly destructive arises from the district (such as fires or riots) they generally leave it to govern itself. 

The representative noble of Shadowshore changes more often than any other, as the post is traditionally held by the family strong enough to protect it from his enemies. Currently, the hold of the title is the Asyeter family. Many seedy gambling holes, run down taverns can be found here. As well as almost any black market item one desires from potions to poisons. 

Like Cudgel District, Sunrise is primarily residential. 

Sunrise' representative noble family is the Knowlern Family. Unlike the Nobles of other districts the Knowlerns are Eliquin.