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Eliquin Kingdom

Kymiallia (Kingdom of the Eliquin)

Capital: Escaflow

Cities: Shadra, Tegazo & Suatona

Trade is strictly controlled into Kymiallia.  Only tradesmen are even allowed into the capital of Escaflow.  Then items are dispersed through out the kingdom.  No other race is allowed any farther north then Escaflow.  It would seem that the Eliquin are slightly xenophobic of other races.  Reasonably so, as they are still rebuilding after hundreds of years after Skyfall, not to mention the horrible toll it took on their race.  Many died saving the Kingdom.  And things are not easily forgotten by the Eliquin.  Of course they are always free to travel outside the Kingdom at anytime.  But many prefer the safety and familiarity of their own lands.  As well it is a daily chore to defend those lands, as the borders of the empire began to be assaulted from the east by vast numbers of undead, demons and strange creatures. Eliquin also on rare occasion allow bards of other races to train with them.

Eliquin Lands
Eliquin live in their own Kingdom known as Kymellia, or Kymiallia. Most outsiders simply refer to it as the Eliquin Kingdom.  It borders the rocky north western coast of the Golarian. The Eliquin build beautiful cities and towns into the cliff sides over looking the ocean. Eliquin are very capable craftsman and usually use a brilliant ivory marble to build with. They often build with stucco as well and paint in glorious earth shades. For Eliquins time moves at its own pace. It is a peaceful realm. Inland crops are raised and grown.  There is no rush as in other lands.  Even in the capital Escaflow, adorned by magnificent gardens and pools,  their government works at an easy pace. Life is meant for enjoying in Eliquin terms. The Eliquins love performances, ceremonies and celebrations. Everyday something exciting is going on in the kingdom. From very young ages Eliquins are schooled in the arts and the arcane.  The Eliquin are very protective of their lands and cities.  They limit trade with the outside world and only open their borders to expeditious and large trade houses. They do have embassies though in each of the other major trade cities to establish who they feel is worthy of trade with them.

Eliquin believe in the power of music and arts and that it enriches their lives. They are ruled by a matriarch society led by a divine being that provides council. They believe they were created by a divine source to bring beauty into the world. They seek their inspiration from this divine being to create.