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Hallowfaust & Dunbar

In times of old it is said that the lady of Death & Rebirth Pharasma, was once very much in love.  No ordinary love as an immortal heart is much more complicated then that of an ordinary women.  This love, as does happen, ended in tragedy.  It is said that once and only once, Pharasma wepped.  And where her tears fell created the Well of Spirits. A permemnent portal to the land of the dead. Around this site the city of Hallowfaust grew. Spririts (ghosts) are drawn to the location. Pharasma has become the patron diety of the city. 

The Well of Spirits attracts not only attracts ghosts but demons, devils and powerful undead craving to use the souls to fuel their twisted needs.  Pharasma guided the first giestorvan to the location and established the Order of Giestorvan to protect and battle the forces bent on using the power of the portal for ill. 

The city of Hallowfaust is governed by many laws. The laws state that no creature shall hurt another being within the walls. And the dead shall be respected and shall not be used or controlled.

Though not located within the geographical territory of Ilysador, the Hallowfaust's colony of Dunbar is located in Illysador.  Hallowfasut in located in Ustalav, in the northern plains of Caliphas. A bastion of hope in the dark kingdom. 

The giestorvans of hallowfaust are known as death’s guardians. The members of the order pride themselves on their dedication and discipline and are known widely for their expertise in necromantic magic.

It draws many arcane-minded individuals to its ranks and even more seek out the order for short term teaching.

The giestorvans of hallowfuast only raise up constructs with a unique form of magic from slain monsters outside the city. Other then that they can summon golems to assist them and more powerful ones can reanimate slain monsters for a brief period to fight on their side. However it is forbidden to claim the life of any living creature unjustly as well they do not dabble in creating any other forms of undead but know of them well. Other then the skeletons and revived all other forms are seen as abominations of the balance. Because their arts only focus on a few types of undead they can crate much more powerful allies and have an arsenal of spells to enhance them even more. Due to the proximity of the well of spirits in Hallowfuast ghosts , at least most of them, are seen as neutral and giestorvans can comminucate and ask assistance of them freely. They are not to be bound or dominated and must be left to their own free will. Those ghosts that ar ein hallowfuast are not ready to enter to their after life they can become further allies for giestorvans. If they do pose a problem to the populace then the giestorvans can move in to remedy situation usually assiting it into the well of spirits.

Philosophy oh Hallowfaust

Death is an inevitable forceof nature. They see themselves as a bastion of hope in teh dark kingdom of Ustalav. They honor and repect the dead and the dead assist them in ways as well. They are masterful healers and have the power to help those with helath afflications as well as those under curses. The school of necromancy within the city teaches young students about the arts and how to use them wisely andnot to tamper to heavily with the laws of nature. 

Dunbar is a colony town of Hallowfaust located in Ilysador  expansion for the school?
 However asecondschool exists in Dunbar they unfortuantley do not follow the same principals and so they often have to undo the wrongs of them. The necros mostly keep to themselves and do not announce about themselves to others. Except within the city they are free to come and go as they please. They are the protectors of the city and all who live within. They pay very well for all services provided them by the citizens of the city as they understand it is not the most understandable proffesion. But they do realize that thereis much unbalance in the land of ilysador and so they seek to rebalance that which has gone array. They know that there are many undead who walk outside there city and they seek to control and put them to rest as well as the bad things that come from the southern regions.

Soem undead have sough refuge in Hallowfaust.  Those who seek to be free of teh oprressive darkb=ness or feel differentky when dealing with humanity. 

Society of Hallowfaust

They are ruled by a Grand Wizier of sorts who is elected by the school. This position lasts for a period of years.

Hail traveler’s Welome to Hallowfaust. Do you promise to uphold the code of Azethan while in the city. (The code is posted at the entrance ofteh city carved into a dark granite block with glowing lettering surrounded by twisting frames of skulls and skeletons.

Code of Azethan

All those within the city of Hallowfaust and its surrounding principalities will abide by these codes at all times

- Due respect shall be givin to each individuals rights as far as personel being is concerned ad well as propert and home wether alive, dead or other

- Respect of way shall begiven to all possessions owned and operated by said individual in course as of their own personal being wether alive, dead, or other

- No act of trangression shall be leveled against any individual or their property for any determined reason wether of religious or belief nature or as doctrined by any other code, law or faith other then this code

- Any act of transgression against any individual or their property wether alive, dead or other shall recieve swift judicial action byu the principality of Hallowfaust

- Such judicial action may be and can include imprisonment, repentence, expulsion from the principality of Hallowfaust, remmitance of dmages and can include and will not be exclusive to death or undeath as seen fit

- Any act of transgression can include and is not exclusive to use of arms , armor or arcane, divine castings or other supernatural or inborn powers

- All transactions or interactions between any said parties within the city of hallowfaust are bound by all laws and agreements of this code and loaws of the city and can not be transgressed by any other mediary other then its own judicial governing.

- All individuals within the principality of hallowfaust are governed and protected by this code and its laws as stated here. Alll individuals include them and their property wether alive, dead or other. As such agreement is mad ein advance to homor said code and laws and to abide by them in such intstances when legal or other methods of inception of laws are just due.

The area surrounding Hallowfaust is a dread one indeed. It would seem that the land itself is charged with some type of magic that keeps the dead restless. The Giest lords are charged with keeping the peace in the region and have formed the guild of Dark Watch. 

Into Hallowfaust

As you round the hill you see the massive grey stonewalls of Hallowfaust. The walls rise like skeletal arms from the earth. Towers depicting strange forms sit astride the walls. Massive gargoyles glare menacingly atop each tower, purveying the landscape before them. The great gates of Hallowfaust bare two giant warriors in full armor their swords aloft creating the archway of the gate. As you pass through on both sides words inscribed into the stone upon giant granite plaques blaze with an eerier green light. Surrounded by twisting frames of skulls and skeletons. Hail traveler’s Welome to Hallowfaust. Do you promise to uphold the code of Azethan while in the city. Says a guardsmen in black metallic armor. A large skull symbol displayed on his chest. Then you may pass.

As soon as you get passed the guards, it seem s like all a wave of noise, smells and sites open up before you. From you vantage point you see a huge plaza area crowded with hundreds of people gregariously enjoying themselves. Music pours over the crowd, people dancing franticly about. Huge tables filled with food, people eating drinking. It’s a huge party. Giant black obelisk columns jut up from the plaza ablaze with magical lights. A large stone stage sits in the center area several what seem to be bard are manipulating some type of device that is putting out the music while an mc calls out to the crowd. They respond back with yells and cheers. As you descend in to the hedonistic display you also notice many alters of fertility about as well as flowers, large bowls of honey and milk. The crowd is thick and moving through them is a difficult task. Suddenly a voice booms over the partygoers. A man wearing sometime of ceremonial garb with black and red speaks to the audience. Are you all having a good time? The crowd roars. Tonight is a very special night. Tonight we celebrate life! Moe cheers from the crowd. People walk on high stilts in garish costumes. Figures dance to and fro spitting fire from their lips. Acrobats in wild masks tumble around the crowd. So let the ritual begin! What seem like priests step forward from beyond the crowd and begin chanting. The crowd watches. The lights spiral up the obelisks and burst into a color show. Suddenly several huge wooden humanoid figures are wheeled into the plaza. On a closer look they seem to be somewhat hollow. And something is moving inside them. With another burst of the light from the obelisks you see clearer. More Fire throwers appear around the sculptures amazing the crowd with their talents. Suddenly you see. There are people in side the wooden figures. The priests chanting grow louder and culminates they Fire throwers turn to the Giant wooden figures and set them ablaze with their breath. Huge pires Burning in the Night illuminating the scense of party goers below. The crowd goes wild and the music increases its intensity.