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Within Okhora the physical needs of the body are not the most important concerns but rather the mind and spirit. This is a town devoted to the pursuit of inner enlightenment and experiential culmination with the infinite.  Many psionicists make their home in Okhora, there is also a small population of Mystic Thurges. They say the city gets its mystical energy from the many Khaydarin crystal outcroppings that dot its landscape.  Those who are sensitive to the vibrations of them feel the subtle energy that courses from the stones and radiates through the landscape.  The massive pyramid complexes are schools, mediation areas,  and training complexes.  They say the mystical shape of the pyramids channels the crystal energy .  Most people are welcomed into the city, but find it a bit unnerving as much of the populace seems to be in a permanent blissed out state.  There does not seem to be any real concerns or cares here and those that have stayed for a time say they to find it hard to leave such a nirvana.  On an average day you will find people just wandering about meditating near pools or gardens, laying in the grass and staring at the clouds and gathering in the large parks dancing , playing music and generally enjoying themselves.  Expressions of all kinds are defiantly appreciated including philosophical dialogue, debates on the nature of existence, poetry and the arts.  Also you may notice a slight buzzing sound in the very background a very low resonance that comes from the crystals.  Violence is very rare in this city or theft as many of the inhabitants have so little and most believe in sharing their personal possessions and food , clothes , etc. 

The city looks beautiful at night with the light blue glow from the crystal as they shine off the pyramid walls.

In reality the story of Okhora is a slightly sinister one.  Though crystals do provide a nice juice up of psi energy the original founders of the city found that some of them take in psi energy.  They found being around these crystal boosted their abilities tremendously but then would be quickly drained.  So they began a campaign to bring in non psi people with the promise of teaching them the truth of existence, psi abilities and how to tap them.  The result was overwhelming and soon many came under the spell of the Khaydarin crystals.  The crystals tap the latent psi energy of the people and by doing so produce a mild euphoric feedback effect. Nothing to debilitating, you just feel real good or blissed out.
Those who have Psi abilities have learned to keep there energy from being drained and yet at the same time pull-on the overflowing Psi energy to help them train, learn and grow. They often provide for the non-Psi community with food, clothes and other necessities and see the relationship as a beneficial one.  Because of the euphoric effect if the crystals violence is a very rare thing in the city.  

Map of Okhora

The city is constructed in levels and each level is usually split into two or three districts or areas.  Though you can come and go as you please in most of the levels the Main Temple Complex is of course off limits to non psions.  Occasionally events will occur where access is allowed to the lower parts of the Main Temple complex. 

Type of Government
Government of Okhora is a essential a feudal Monarchy.  The current ruler is Sebastian Thunder and the Illuminated Regency House of Thunder.  Under the House of Thunder are several Protectorate Houses that help in the daily running of the city they are Starr  Foxblades, Neonight, Devonshire.

Houses are not always made up of family and rulers are not elected by majority.  Houses can actually made up of any number of people, including just adventuring parties who agree to go under a house together.  Rulers are elected mostly based on popularity and what they provide for the up and coming city including by their public works for the city and how much money their houses put into city development.  Okhora is a new city and is not completely built yet, there fore the more money you spend on public works the more recognition you gain. Only Houses are eventually able to be voted in as ruling and take on the title of Illuminated Regency.  The codes and laws that a ruling house must abide by make it eligible for a rulership position.  The position is reviewed ever 5 years and by the psionic guilds and the other houses of Okhora.  By law those houses in immediate line for the rulership are not allowed to vote , directly that is but their influence can be felt in other ways.  If the current ruling house is deemed unworthy of its position or a rival house has exceeded it in public works and acts then a new election will take place.

Being the unofficial city of Mind Magic (Psionics)  the city-state of Okhora has many affiliations both public and underground. 

Population (by race)
Majority of the populace is human and of those a good portion are Off-Worlders which, it is believed how psionics came to Ilysador.  It is not uncommon to see the following races within the city:
High Orc
Elem Genasi

Main trade goods/ services
Crystals both gem quality and raw is a huge industry in the city. The crystals are supplied to many of the guild and schools for use in psionic items, weapons and armor.

Standing military
Okhora has no standing militia nor a city guard. Patrons are expected to handle themselves effectively and the energy from the crystals makes acts of hostility non existent. In an emergency the city would pool on the recourses of the houses of the city and the Psion's schools and guilds.

Important organizations/ guilds/factions
There are also several organizations that teach up and coming psionicists and pledge them to their service.

Omnicron Guard
Cosmic Knights
Brotherhood of Chronos
Maidens of Horadrim (secret)
Mindcore Society

Maidens of Horadrim , a secret organization, are not interested and immune to most of the political goings on in the city. They have been granted immunity through out the United Regions by the Mages Cabal which has a loose affiliation with Okhora.  However the maidens have pledged their services to the city should a crises ever threaten the city.  It is rumored the Maidens take up residents in one of the smaller pyramid complexes by the harbor. It is said this pyramid is massive on the inside and contains lush rooms, training facilities, gardens , pools , and an aviary.  Many of the maidens also enjoy the arts in their spare time, whether drawing or playing an instrument. Servants of the Maidens are also housed in the pyramid and take care of all the maidens needs as well as day to day chores.  Though both sexes are free to mingle in the first two floors of the pyramid complex which mostly contains staff and dining quarters and meeting rooms, no men are allowed above that.

Night Life/ Leisure activities
Mystic Platinum is a new drug that gives non psions a high.  Can be deadly or cause them to have uncontrolled psionic powers.  It is rumored that is made from psions.

Obsidian Storm
One of the most active taverns at night. This establishments books many talents from all over Ilysador and often has Eliquin performers.  It is the place to be seen and the place to for the best entertainment.  They serve a vast array of beverages many created in Okhora.

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