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What is omnimagic?

Omnimagic is a form of technology that was siphoned from the Numerian artifacts and redesigned by powering it with arcane energy.   It is in a sense a universal form of energy but for game purposes magical in nature. So it can be effected by dispel magic spells etc.  This would simply cause the items not to work.  All items except were noted are powered by a khaydarin crystal that is charged with a specific amount of magical energy. 

Omnimagic vs Magic

The principals that go into channeling it and creating devices that harness its power are different from that of using and crafting regular magic.  A different set of skills and feats are required. Crafting is similar to crafting magic items. 

Khaydarin Crystals; the source of Omnimagic 

When the Silver Mount fell it scattered a special crystal all over the region and beyond now called Kyaydarin crystals.  A massive crystal fell and grew in the area that was to become the Antochian Empire.  The crystal is known as the Origin Stone. Omnimagic energy also affected the people and children began being born with spell crafting that was granted by the crystals. The wizard Gormanghast who was the founder of the Technic League kept the Origin Stone a secret. He studied it for many years and was the predecessor of omnimagic. Though Khaydarin crystals can be found all over Golarian, only the blue-green stone can be used to power and create omnimagic items.  These are the purest form of the original crystal and have not been 'tainted' by other sorces on Golarian. See Khaydarin Crystals

Antochia has the ability to grow Khaydrarin crystals from the seeds from the Origin Stone through a secret process only known by Omni Forges. 


Antochia  located just west of Numeria boosts a great militaristic society based on the use of omnimagic which some say were culled from the remains of  the strange artifacts found in Numeria. The Antochian Empire grew from the development of this 'magic' which they call omnimagic.

The power of omnimagic is used extensively for military purposes by the Antochian Empire. Omnimagic is a form of magical energy that powers equipment, weapons and armor.  Some classes can also channel  this energy to perform healing and spells.  Omnimagic's nature makes any item powered by it difficult to use by those that are not proficient with it. When the Technic League became debased Ghormanghast trained a small team in the crafting and use of omnimagic, the first omni forges.  Led by his daughter Antochia, she founded the empire to protect its secrets and preserve the use of its power.