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Omnimagic Class Archetypes

Antochian Privateer (Fighter Archetype)
A soldier of the Antochian militia. These highly skilled and trained warriors have exclusive access to the powerful omnimagic weapons which gives them a distinct advantage, however they still have to answer to the Empires orders. Many of them are sent on missions as agents of Antochia across Golarian.

Gold Chalicemen (Cleric Archetype)
Channeling the powers of omnimagic these are the medical officers of the Antochian militia. They posses the power to heal and bolster the troops but can be formidable in battle as well. 

White Chalicemen  (Paladin Archetype)
The knights of the Antochian Empire. Powerful warriors with the full arsenal of omnimagic at their disposal as well as being touched by the energy of omnimagic with the ability to channel it as spell energy. 

Omni Mage  (Sorcerer Archetype)
Touched by the essence of omnimagic these versatile spell casters have been drafted into the Antochian militia to serve the empire. Though often their spirits yearn for more they are both bound and cursed by the omnimagic energy that has merged with their souls. 

Omni Forge (Artificer Archetype)
Master craftsmen of all that is omnimagic. They are able to conform material and omnimagic to their will to create the powerful arsenal of omnimagic weapons and equipment that is used by the Antochian militia.  

Red Robesmen (Magus Archetype)
Powerful warrior/mages of the Antochian militia they are an elite group that yearns for the fight and enjoys the calls of battle.