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Omni Forge

Artificer Archtype

The builders and craftsmen of all things omnimagic. A forge can take the wild ideas and make it reality with his will and bare hands. He twists raw materials and magical energies together till he creates a powerful item fueled with omnimagic energy. The Omni Forge can create or fix anything that is omnimagic based. They can also rig non-omnimagic items to be powered by omnimagic. Very rarely do they ever see battle unless the kingdom is on an extended campaign. Most of the omni forges are kept within the City of Towers , and prefer to stay in their laboratories creating. However they have been known to travel on mission to acquire raw materials and to recoup stolen or lost omnimagic items and weapons. 

Add the following Class Skills

Craft (Int) Omnimagic, Knowledge Omnimagic (Int)

Weapon and Armor Proficiency

Exotic Weapon Proficiency: firearms (omnimagic), Omnimagic Weapon Proficiency Light , Omnimagic Armor Proficiency Light, Omnimagic Shield Proficiency 

This replaces the artificers normal Weapon and Armor Proficiency.

Omnimagic Creation

At second level, an Omni Forge’s gains the Create Omnimagic Arms, Armor, & Items feat. Their invention ability expands to include the creation of omnimagic weapons, armor and items, and even if the Omni Forge does not have access to the prerequisite spells. The Omni Forge must make a successful Craft check (DC 20 + caster level) to emulate each spell normally required to create the item. This ability does not stack with the Master Craftsman feat.

This ability replaces Item Creation