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Omni Mage Archytype

Bonus feats:
Omnimages receive craft Omnimagic, and skill focus (knowledge: Ominmagic) as bonus feats at first level. They also receive Exotic Weapon Proficiency: firearms (omnimagic).

Diminished Spellcasting: Due to the difficult to control nature of omnimagic an omnimage sorcerer cast one fewer spell of each level than normal. If this reduces the number to 0, she may cast spells of that level only if her Charisma allows bonus spells of that level. In addition Omnimage Sorcerer's are exposed to rigid mental reconditioning during their training with the Antochian militia, which leaves them more susceptible to control. All Omnimages receive a -2 penalty to will saves. This modifies spell casting.

The omnimage does not gain a Sorcerer's bloodline, instead they gain the following.

Expanded access: Despite being arcane in origin Omnimagic can grant spellcasting outside an Arcane casters usual access. At 3rd level and odd level after that an Omnimage may add 1 spell from any class list equal to the highest level of spell she can cast as to her spells known. These spells count as Sorcerer spells and are considered arcane. If this spell appears on multiple class lists, she must take it at it's highest level.

Natural Omnimagic: whenever you would craft omni magic equipment, you may reduce the cost of crafting by 200 for every Omnimage level you possess, up to half the cost of the selected item.

Omnimagic Infusion: At 3rd level the Omimage gains the Magus' Arcane pool ability, and it functions in all ways the same save for the fact it uses Charisma instead of Intelligence to determine capacity.

Omnimagic Eruption: At 9th level By expending 1 point from her arcane pool an Omnimage may deal 1d8 +2/ energy damage for every 2 Ominmage levels she possesses. This ability is a 20 ft radius centered on her and deals a type of energy damage chosen by the Omnimage at the time of manifesting, although force may not be selected. The omnimage may choose to have this ability ignore specific beings in the area, though she must be aware of them to do so. Using this ability immediately ends any enhancement bonus granted by her arcane pool.

Arming the Forces: at 15th level whenever the Omnimage uses her Arcane pool to grant a weapon enhancement she no longer needs to be touching it. Instead she must only be capable of seeing the weapon to provide the bonus. In addition She may have a number of weapons enchanted by this effect equal to her charisma modifier.

Omnimagic Actualization: At 20th level the Omnimage reaches the height of her omnimagic potential. Whenever her Omnimagic Eruption affects an opponent with an Elemental Weakness, it automatically changes to the type presented as it's weakness. This doesn't change the type of damage affecting other creatures in the radius. This no longers ends the benefits granted by the Arcane Pool Class feature. In addition whenever an Omnimage casts a spell, she may expend a number of points from her Arcane Pool (equal to half the level of the spell) to prevent the spells slot from being used for the day. This ability cannot allow to casts spells that use a higher slot than what she currently has available.