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Omnimagic Weapons, Armor & Equipment

Omnimagic Weapons

Zatchium "Numerian Steel"
An unusual, very hard fantastic metal with incredible tensile strength and the capacity to “store” magical force. It is worth at around two times its weight in platinum. Its weight is about 50% that of steel. It does not rust or tarnish, and it is a non-conductor of electricity. Although difficult to work, it can be forged as flexible or unyielding. The metal has a dark metallic blue color that tints other metals with which it is alloyed. One ounce of the metal contains, and can contain, sufficient omnimagic energy to equipment and armor, or about 150% the energy of Adamantium. Zatchium is sometimes alloyed with other metals, the maximum part of any such mix being one eighth, thus giving that much blue color to the mixture. This is done to strengthen the alloy, give flexibility and durability to it, and to allow the containment of magical energy placed within such objects forged from the alloy. 

Zatchium is an alchemical result of Adamentium and mithral being placed through the Omni forge process and their by becoming more then the two parts of each. Though the admamentium and mithral are still contained within the final product. Zatchium can be placed then within a third material , such as cloth or leather to imbue with increased strength yet lighter weight and flexibility. 

Zatchium is rare in the fact that it is only produced by the Antochian Empire. However the number of items that need to be produced in order to equip the troops begins to take its toll on its overall cost. One can not acquire this material for sale through regular means anywhere in Golarian. The Antochian government does not trade this metal.